Are old Tech Decks worth anything?

Tech Decks, miniature finger skateboards that mimic the tricks and maneuvers of their full-sized counterparts, have gained popularity among skateboard enthusiasts and collectors alike. Many people wonder if old Tech Decks hold any significant value. In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to the worth of old Tech Decks and shed light on their potential as collectible items.


One important factor to consider when assessing the value of old Tech Decks is their rarity. Certain Tech Decks were released in limited numbers or as exclusive editions, making them potential rare collectibles. These limited releases often generate high demand among collectors, driving up their value in the market.

Limited Edition Sets

Tech Deck has released exclusive sets that include unique features and designs. For example, the Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp with Exclusive Finger Board and the Transforming Pipelines Playset are sought-after sets among collectors. These sets offer distinctive elements that make them desirable to enthusiasts and can contribute to their increased value.

Throwback Series

Tech Deck has a throwback series that showcases retro and throwback graphics from famous skate companies. While these fingerboards are randomly purchased, rare designs from this series may command higher prices in the collector’s market. The nostalgia factor associated with these throwback graphics adds to their appeal and desirability.

Commemorative Packs

Tech Deck has also released commemorative packs that celebrate skateboarding traditions. For example, the SK8 Factory DLX 14-Pack (The 90s Golden Era Edition) features graphics from iconic skate brands. Collectors who appreciate the historical significance of these packs may be willing to pay a premium for them, increasing their value over time.

Brand Collaborations

Tech Deck has collaborated with popular skateboarding brands like Girl Skateboards, resulting in packs such as the Tech Deck Girl Skateboards- Ultra DLX 4-Pack. These packs feature authentic graphics from Girl Skateboards and are highly sought after by collectors. The association with reputable skateboarding brands adds value to these collaborative Tech Decks.

Exclusive Fingerboards

Tech Deck has also released exclusive fingerboards featuring graphics from well-known skateboarding companies like Real, Blind, and Shut. These fingerboards cater to the preferences of dedicated skateboarding fans and collectors, elevating their desirability and potential worth.

Limited-Edition Designs

Tech Deck occasionally releases limited-edition designs to celebrate milestones. For example, the Chris Pastras Guitar Fingerboard was released for Tech Deck’s 20th anniversary. These limited-edition designs, tied to significant events, can increase the value of the Tech Decks associated with them.


The value of old Tech Decks can vary depending on several factors. Rarity, condition, and demand from collectors all play a role in determining their worth. Some rare and sought-after Tech Decks can be worth more than their original retail price. As with any collectible item, it is essential to consider these factors when assessing the potential value of old Tech Decks.

In conclusion, old Tech Decks can hold value for collectors. Rarity, limited edition sets, throwback series, commemorative packs, brand collaborations, exclusive fingerboards, and limited-edition designs all contribute to the potential worth of these miniature skateboards. If you are a collector or interested in the value of your old Tech Decks, it is advisable to consider the factors mentioned above and consult with experts in the field.



How can I determine if my old Tech Decks are valuable?

Determining the value of old Tech Decks involves considering factors such as rarity, limited editions, collaborations, and demand among collectors. Researching similar items for sale and consulting with experts or online communities that specialize in Tech Deck collecting can provide valuable insights into their potential worth.

Do limited edition Tech Deck sets hold more value?

Yes, limited edition Tech Deck sets can hold more value. Sets that were released in limited quantities or as exclusive editions tend to generate higher demand among collectors. The scarcity factor associated with these sets contributes to their increased value in the market.

Are there specific Tech Deck series that are more valuable than others?

Certain Tech Deck series, such as the throwback series or commemorative packs, may have higher value depending on the designs and the demand among collectors. Retro graphics from famous skate companies or packs that celebrate skateboarding traditions can be particularly desirable to collectors, potentially driving up their value.

Are Tech Decks from brand collaborations worth more?

Tech Decks that result from collaborations with popular skateboarding brands can hold higher value. These collaborations often feature authentic graphics from well-known skateboarding companies, making them appealing to both skateboarding enthusiasts and collectors. The association with reputable brands adds to their desirability and potential worth.

Can the condition of old Tech Decks affect their value?

Yes, the condition of old Tech Decks can significantly impact their value. Collectors generally prefer items in excellent or mint condition. Tech Decks that show minimal signs of wear, have intact graphics, and include original packaging or accessories tend to command higher prices in the collector’s market.

Are Tech Decks considered a good investment?

While Tech Decks can hold value for collectors, it’s important to note that the value of collectible items can fluctuate over time. The collectibles market can be influenced by various factors, including trends, demand, and the availability of similar items. If you’re considering Tech Decks as an investment, it’s advisable to research and consult with experts to make informed decisions.

Can rare Tech Decks be worth more than their original retail price?

Yes, rare Tech Decks have the potential to be worth more than their original retail price. The scarcity and desirability among collectors can drive up their value significantly. However, it’s important to note that not all Tech Decks will appreciate in value, and the market for collectibles can be unpredictable.

How can I sell my old Tech Decks?

To sell your old Tech Decks, you can explore various avenues such as online marketplaces, auction platforms, collector forums, or specialized collectibles stores. Researching the current market value of your Tech Decks and providing detailed descriptions and clear photos can help attract potential buyers. It’s also advisable to consider factors like shipping, payment methods, and buyer/seller protection when choosing a platform to sell your items.