Boss rc3 Looper: playback is happening during recording

How do you save on Loop Station RC-3?

Quote from video: Saving a track is probably the one thing that's actually dirt simple on this all you need to do is go to the right. Button hit it once it's going to ask you are you. Sure it'll flash flash flash.

How do you use a RC-3 looper?

Quote from video: So it's it's it's tap tempo insert the jack power off use the memory button or the up and down arrow. Choose whether it's record and play or record an overdub.

Can you record a whole song with a looper?

Using a looper with a long enough recording time would allow you to layer four string parts over top of one another, however, just be aware that each time you save a new overdub it becomes part of the loop track, so after four parts are recorded you’ll have a single track with all four parts, not four individual tracks