Can you visit Macy’s Santaland without seeing Santa?

Yes, you can take photos yourself at the venue and with the big man in red without paying for their official photos. Admission to Macy’s Santaland is free, but Santa is a popular man. In the past, the wait to see the big man in red has got long, hours long. Be sure to make reservations online before going.

Is Macys Santa Land free?

34th Street, New York, NY 10001. How much does it cost to visit Macy’s Santaland? Admission is free, but a reservation is required. Professional photos are available for purchase, but are optional.

How to get Macys Santaland tickets?

Here’s how it works: All visitors must make a reservation to visit Macy’s Santaland. Reservations are FREE and can be made by logging on to to select a time. Reservations can be booked five days ahead of time—so if you’re hoping for a Christmas Eve reservation, you’ll have to wait to book it.

Can adults see Santa at Macys?

After all, there’s really no age limit for celebrating Christmas! Macy’s Santaland experience is an immersive 13,000-square-foot display of all things Christmas and is an annual tradition at the Macy’s flagship store.

What time do macys santaland reservations open?

Available reservations will be open 5 days in advance of the day you wish to visit. Reservations open at 5:30am each day local time.

Is Santa Claus Village free to enter?

Price There is no entrance fee to the Santa Claus Village.

How much do you get paid to dress up as Santa?

The median hourly rate for a mall Santa is $30, but rates can be as low as $12 or as high as a whopping $75. That can add up to an annual take of around $7,000 to $10,000. And then there’s something of a “Santa elite”—people who are deeply passionate about the job and return to it year after year.

How long does Macy’s Santaland take?

30 – 90 minutes

Even with a reservation, it can take 30 – 90 minutes to get to Santa. If you can visit from Monday to Thursday before that final week before Christmas, that’s probably your best choice to keep spirits bright and waits lower.

What floor is Macy’s Santaland?

What is Macy’s Santaland NYC? Macy’s Santaland is a free annual winter village that takes over Macy’s Herald Square’s eighth floor.

Can you sit on Santa’s lap?

It’s ‘elf and safety gone mad. Roll up and tell Santa what you want for Christmas boys and girls – but just don’t sit on his lap. Some grottos have decided the age-old tradition of sitting on Father Christmas’ knee is no longer allowed because of ‘safety reasons’.

Is Santa Tracker Free?

The Santa Tracker app is compatible with iOS 10 or later, and is a free 165.1 MB download.

Is SantaCon NYC free?

There are two ways to join SantaCon NYC. The first way is by going on the official SantaCon website (here) and purchasing a $15 ticket that goes to charity. By donating, you automatically get added to the emailing list and will receive details about the event before anyone else.

How much does it cost to have Santa visit?

Professional Santas generally cost $150-$300 an hour, depending on your location, the services they offer, and their overall quality and likeness to the jolly man himself. Real-bearded Santas typically charge more for their authenticity.