Converting Vocal Line into Guitar – Speed, Dynamics

Can you make vocals fit a beat?

Tip #1 – Here’s a top notch trick to get your vocals to sit on top of the mix nicely. Send everything but the vocals to their own aux, and apply a very subtle compressor (only a few dB’s reduction). Side chain the lead vocals to this compressor. This will dip the track by a 2 or 3 dB’s every time the vocals come in.

How do you fit vocals to Tempo?

Quote from video: The first thing you need to know if you want to fit your folk to the beat it's the tempo to detect the tempo of a sample in the top left corner of the sample.

How do you mix vocals for live performance?

Quote from video: Really get in the way of clean vocal. I do a wide cut around 200 or 250 Hertz that gets rid of the proximity. Effect. If I cut too much to 50 the vocal is gonna start to sound thin.