Did Lukas Graham have a baby?

Does Lucas Graham have kids?

He is best known as the lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for the Danish band Lukas Graham.

Lukas Forchhammer
Born 18 September 1988 Freetown Christiania, Denmark
Occupation Singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist actor
Years active 1991–1996 2011–present
Children 2

How many kids does Lukas Graham have?

Graham and his wife, Marie-Louise “Rillo” Schwartz Petersen, have been together for years and share two children.

What is Lukas Graham’s daughter’s name?

“We just liked the name,” Lukas Graham frontman Lukas Forchhammer says of daughter Viola’s moniker.

What year did 7 Years old by Lukas Graham come out?

7 Years (Lukas Graham song)

“7 Years”
Genre Soul-pop
Length 3:59
Label Copenhagen Warner Bros.

Why did Lukas Graham make 7 Years?

According to Forchhammer, the reason is because his father died at the age of 61. His father’s death was what motivated him to write this track and a number of the band’s biggest songs. “7 Years” was written by Lukas Graham’s lead vocalist Lukas Forchammer along with three other songwriters.

What happened to Lukas Grahams brother?

My brother died from depression. He also frequently exercised, had supportive friends/family, was successful in school & in work. He had goals that he was constantly reaching- he still killed himself.

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Where does Lucas Graham live?


The members of the band Lukas Graham count Denmark as their permanent home, although they spend many months of the year on tour throughout the world and recording music for their next album in Los Angeles, California.

When was Lucas Graham born?

Lukas Graham is a Danish pop band consisting of vocalist Lukas Graham Forchhammer (born September 18, 1988), drummer Mark “Lovestick” Falgren (born November 28, 1988),…

Is Lukas Graham religious?

Where I’m from, people aren’t super religious so it’s hard to talk about faith and I’m not a very religious man, but I have a lot of faith and I can only talk about these things to a handful of people, so that was really nice.

What religion does George Lucas believe in?

Lucas himself has been called a “Buddhist/Methodist,” though it’s not clear that he identifies with either religious tradition. “Let’s say I’m spiritual,” he told Time magazine in 1999.

Was Billy Graham part of the Jesus Movement?

Explo ’72 was an event organized by Campus Crusade for Christ, held at the Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas, and involved such conservative leaders as Bill Bright and Billy Graham.