Did Zola Taylor have kids?

Her last husband died in 1982, he said. She had no children.

How old was Frankie Lymon when he got with Zola Taylor?

Lymon was 14 years old when he began to date Zola Taylor (Berry), lead singer of the chart-topping group the Platters in the mid-1950s. “And he was still just a kid when he started on the next wife, Elizabeth Waters,” said Nava.
2 сент. 1998

Why did Zola Taylor leave the Platters?

Taylor left the Platters when the group disbanded in the early ’60s. She attributed the breakup to the Beatles-inspired upheaval of pop music. Scandal also might have played a part: The four men in the Platters were arrested on sex charges in Cincinnati in 1959.

Was Zola Taylor married to Frankie Lymon?

Zola Taylor was born on March 17, 1938 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was an actress, known for Coronación (2000), Rock All Night (1957) and Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998). She was previously married to Frankie Lymon, Lawrence James Savage and James Baptiste.

How accurate is Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

As you know, Why Do Fools Fall in Love was loosely based on Frankie Lymon’s life. And while it may seem hard to believe that this boyish looking man was married to three women at the same time, it was the 1980’s court case that later inspired former “Days of Our Lives” actress, Tina Andrews, to write the screenplay.

Did Frankie Lymon collapse on stage?

” The movie shows Frankie passing out on stage. Didn’t happen. The movie never notes Frankie’s voice changing, or the fact that unlike actor Larenz Tate, the real-life Frankie lost his looks and charm.
29 ав 1998

Are all the original Platters deceased?

Sonny Turner is the only surviving member of The Platters. He still tours and performs around the world.

Why did Tony Williams leave the Platters?

In a dispute over money, Williams left the Platters in 1959 to pursue a solo career, and continued to work with Ram as his manager. He recorded an LP, A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl, but his career faltered after he was arrested on a morals charge, of which he was later cleared.

What happened to the group the Platters?

The Platters continue to perform around the world with Herb Reed Enterprises (an LLC set up by Reed in response to numerous fake Platters groups) owning the rights and trademark to the name. The Platters in 1955.

When did Frankie Lymon get married to Zola Taylor?

After the marriage failed, he moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1960s, where he began a romantic relationship with Zola Taylor, a member of the Platters. Taylor claimed to have married Lymon in Mexico in 1965 although their relationship ended several months later, purportedly because of Lymon’s drug habits.

What was the cause of Frankie Lymon’s death?

Lymon, of the group Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, died less than a year later at age 25 in New York City, reportedly of a heroin overdose.