Do chipmunks eat cheese?

Did you know that chipmunks are peanut butter connoisseurs? They even enjoy a morsel of cheese now and then. Other effective chipmunk bait includes prune pits, unroasted peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, cereal, grains and popcorn.

What is the best trap for chipmunks?

Cage-trap (wire-mesh) or common rat snap traps can be used to catch chipmunks. Common cage-trap models include the Tomahawk (Nos. 102, 201) and Havahart (Nos. 0745, 1020, 1025) traps among others.

How do I get rid of chipmunks?

Most squirrel repellents will also repel chipmunks, and this includes things like anti-rodent spray, granular repellents to put in the soil, and taste-aversion repellents containing Bittrex and thiram. These tend to last a little longer than natural repellents, but you will still need to reapply them regularly.

Will rat traps work on chipmunks?

Trapping is the most practical way to remove nuisance chipmunks. Live-catch, wire-mesh traps or common rat snap traps can be used.