Does Jack FM take requests?

We don’t have DJs, we don’t take requests and we play what we want. Which, by the way, is music ranging from the late 60’s all the way to last week. We also don’t really care much for news, weather, traffic or useless talk (unless, of course, it’s something important enough to stop the music for).

How do I leave a message for Jack FM?

Call the JACK-FM message hotline now at 214 -525-7410!

How do you text Jack FM?

Text line: 969-123 *Standard text message rate will apply.

Who is the voice behind Jack FM?

As the voice of “Jack,” most stations in the United States use Howard Cogan and Andrew Anthony, while stations in Canada use Greg Beharrell. Meanwhile all Jack FM stations in the United Kingdom used former Blake’s 7 actor Paul Darrow as the voice of Jack.

Is Bob FM the same as Jack FM?

BOB FM stations are quite similar to those using the moniker Jack FM. On many BOB FM and JACK FM stations, disc jockeys are not used or are only heard in morning drive time.

What happened Jack radio?

By Chris Cooke | Published on Friday

It’s been confirmed that the company behind national UK digital radio service Union Jack Radio has gone into administration with all staff employed by the station made redundant. However, that development does not affect the Oxford-based Jack branded stations.

Where is Union Jack radio based?


All three services are operated from Oxford by the JACK Radio Group along with three local/regional stations – JACKfm, JACK 2 Hits and JACK 3 Chill.

What happened to Bob FM in Wichita Falls Texas?

After nearly a month of stunting as just “100.9 FM” teasing the disappearance of “Bob”, Falls Media relaunched KWFB Holliday/Wichita Falls TX as “100.9 Jack-FM“. The change comes with a switch from a locally programmed playlist to the national “Jack-FM” playlist.

Who owns Bob FM Uganda?

Kampala — The feeling you get, if not one of shock, is that of near-disappointment, once you learn that Dan Peters, the man behind Bob FM, does not own a personal collection of thousands of prized LPs and CDs of his favourite country musicians.