Montclair State University Dorms: A Comprehensive Guide

Montclair State University is committed to providing on-campus housing options for students, recognizing the importance of on-campus living in enhancing the educational experience and fostering relationships. The university offers a variety of residence halls where students can live, creating a vibrant and engaging community.

Residence Halls at Montclair State University

At Montclair State University, several residence halls are available to accommodate students. Each residence hall offers unique features and amenities, providing students with a comfortable and enriching living environment.

Blanton Hall

Blanton Hall provides suite-style accommodations, where students have their own bedrooms, and adjoining rooms are connected by a bathroom. This arrangement allows for privacy while fostering a sense of community within the suite.

Francis A. Sinatra Hall

Francis A. Sinatra Hall offers six to eight bed suites, creating a vibrant atmosphere where students can interact and form connections with their peers. The hall provides a dynamic living environment that encourages social engagement and community building.

Freeman Hall

Freeman Hall features a suite-style arrangement, where rooms are connected by a bathroom. It is also home to the Arts Interdisciplinary Living community, providing a unique living experience for students interested in the arts.

The Heights: Dinallo and Machuga Halls

The Heights, consisting of Dinallo and Machuga Halls, offers suite-style buildings with single or double occupancy rooms. These halls accommodate returning students, transfer students, and first-year students, providing a diverse and inclusive living environment.

Russ Hall

Russ Hall provides suite-style accommodations for approximately 100 students. It offers a close-knit community where students can form lasting friendships. Russ Hall shares a dining hall with Freeman Hall, providing convenient access to dining facilities.

In addition to these residence halls, Montclair State University offers various amenities and features to enhance the living experience. Common areas, study rooms, and laundry facilities are available in each residence hall, providing students with spaces for socializing, studying, and taking care of their daily needs.

Living on Campus Experience

Montclair State University aims to create a meaningful on-campus living experience that goes beyond mere “dorm” living. The residence halls serve as vibrant communities where students can engage in social, cultural, and educational activities.

Residence hall staff and resident advisors play an essential role in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. They organize structured activities and provide guidance to students, promoting personal growth, and facilitating connections among residents.

Safety and security measures are a priority at Montclair State University. The residence halls are equipped with measures such as secure access systems and staff presence to ensure the well-being of students.



What types of dorms are available at Montclair State University?

Montclair State University offers a variety of residence halls to accommodate students, including suite-style dorms and halls with single or double occupancy rooms.

Can I have my own bedroom in the dorms?

Yes, some of the residence halls at Montclair State University offer suite-style accommodations where students have their own bedrooms.

Are there any themed or special interest housing options?

Yes, Montclair State University provides special interest housing options, such as the Arts Interdisciplinary Living community, where students with similar interests can live together.

Are there common areas in the dorms for socializing?

Yes, all residence halls at Montclair State University have common areas where students can gather, socialize, and engage in activities.

Are study rooms available in the dorms?

Yes, study rooms are provided in the residence halls to offer students a quiet and conducive environment for academic work.

Are laundry facilities available in the dorms?

Yes, Montclair State University ensures that each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities, making it convenient for students to do their laundry on campus.

How are the residence halls at Montclair State University secured?

The residence halls at Montclair State University have secure access systems in place to ensure the safety and security of students. Additionally, there is staff presence in the residence halls to monitor and address any security concerns.

Can I choose my roommate or suitemates?

Montclair State University provides a housing selection process where students can indicate their preferences for roommates or suitemates. However, roommate assignments are also made based on compatibility and availability.