Functional Purpose of Flattened 7th Chord

What is the function of flat 7 chord?

The ♭ VII chord can precede tonic, dominant, and pre-dominant chords, which means it can substitute for any function except tonic. Notice also that movement from IV – I (from the plagal cadence) is common in the following examples from popular music.

Why is the 7th chord flattened?

A major chord with a flattened seventh note is called a dominant seventh chord. Dominant/minor sevenths occur more commonly than major sevenths. Because of this a ‘7th’ is taken to be a flattened seventh unless otherwise stated. This means don’t play a major seventh unless the chord specifically says so, i.e. Cmaj7.

What is a flattened 7th note?

To flat a note means to lower it by one note (meaning one fret lower). Therefore a flat 7th means one note lower than the 7th.

What is the function of VII?

The vii is an minor 7 b5, or half diminished. You have leading tones all over the place. In fact it is an extension of the V7 so it can serve as a dominant to the major key. the (1, 3, b5, b7) of the vii are the (3, 5, b7, and 9) of the V.

Is flat 7 dominant?

A dominant chord is a major triad built on the fifth scale degree of either a major scale or a minor scale. Major triads consist of a root note, a major third, and a perfect fifth. A dominant seventh chord adds an additional scale degree—the flat seventh (also called a dominant seventh).

What is flat 7 in key of C?

In the key of C major, a ♭VII chord would be B♭ (B♭-D-F) or B♭7 (B♭-D-F-A♭) borrowed from the parallel minor scale of C minor. The ♭VII chord appears in chord progressions in many ways.

Why is dominant 7 flat 7?

Because C-E-G-B is a Cmaj7 chord. All “dominant seventh” chords are major triad+minor seventh above root. All major seventh chords are major triad+major seventh above root.

What is a flattened chord?

A flat chord is any chord where the root (that’s the bottom note of the chord) is a flat note, such as Eb major. The chord could be major, minor or an altered chord such as seventh or ninth. Here’s some common mistakes when we use this term:- 1. A flat chord is a chord with all black keys.

Why are there only 3 diminished 7th chords?

Because it is a symmetrical scale (and much like the diminished chord) there are only three unique diminished scales: C = E♭ = G♭ = A diminished scale. D♭ = E = G = B♭ diminished scale.

Why do 7th chords sound jazzy?

In Jazz, rather than using triads as our basic chord, we add another note on top (either a minor 7th or a Major 7th) to create 7th Chords. This makes the chord sound a little more harmonically complex.

What is special about chord VII?

Seventh chords are essential in functional harmony for the role they play in dominant sevenths. The dominant seventh is the seventh chord built on the fifth degree of the scale. This relationship between tonic and dominant provides the sense of tension and release in functional harmony.

How are 7th chords formed?

A seventh chord is built by adding an extra note to a triad which is an interval of a 7th above the root note. e.g. If you build a triad on C you will use the notes (C-E-G). If you add a another note a 7th above C then you will have C-E-G-B. You have just created a basic seventh chord.