Headphones connected to Scarlett 2i2 sound poor versus direct synth connection

How do you use regular headphones with Focusrite Scarlett?

If you just want to use headphones, simply plug them into the headphone jack on the front panel. This small knob controls the output level of the headphones.

Should I plug headphones into audio interface?

Ideally, you should have external studio monitors or headphones connected directly to your interface, rather than using your internal computer speakers or your PC’s internal headphone port. The digital to analog conversion as well as the amplification on your interface will be superior to that of your computer.

Why is my audio crackling Focusrite?

If you are experiencing glitchy audio with your Focusrite interface, we would recommend increasing the buffer size and then testing the interface again. To do this, right-click on the Focusrite Notifier and select your device’s settings. Next, increase the buffer size to 1024.