How did the Marshall plane crash?

On November 14, 1970, Southern Airways Flight 932, a chartered jet flight from Kinston, North Carolina, to Kenova, West Virginia, clipped into some trees and crashed into a hill just short of its arrival at Huntington Tri-State Airport.

What caused the plane crash in Yellowjackets?

It seems likely the plane in Yellowjackets crashed due to pilot error as it is the leading cause of plane crashes.

What happened to the plane carrying the Marshall football team?

On November 14th, 1970, the Marshall Thundering Herd football team was returning home from East Carolina University when their plane crashed into a hillside about one mile from the Tri-state Airport runway in Kenova, West Virginia.

Who survived Marshall plane crash?

All 75 passengers aboard the DC-9 plane were killed instantly upon impact. Greenlee lost dozens of friends, coaches and acquaintances. There were no survivors.

Who missed the Marshall plane crash?

Carter, the brother of former Man head coach Tootie Carter, played for Marshall until early November 1970. As fate would have it, Carter quit the team a week before Marshall’s ill-fated plane crash on Nov. 14, 1970 which claimed the lives of all 75 members on board on a return trip from East Carolina.

Who was the girl that fell in the pit on Yellowjackets?

Van could be with Lottie if she’s still alive. Mari, the pit girl who never made it.

What did misty inject into the cigarettes?

As Jessica drives away, she puffs on the cigarettes Misty suggests she give up. The thing is, Misty has drugged her again, this time lacing the cancer sticks with fentanyl. As she drives onto the curb, she passes out.

Did they find any bodies from Marshall plane crash?

Police reported a few hours after the crash that “15 bodies had been recovered,” but the fire was so intense that they were unable to get into the plane to examine further, The News wrote that year. Because of the intensity of the crash, officials were unable to identify six of the players remains.

Did West Virginia really help Marshall?

MORGANTOWN — West Virginia University played a key role in helping Marshall University rebuild its football program after a plane crash took the lives of 75 football players, coaches and community members in 1970, a report on the West Virginia University Library’s site,, said.

Why was red Dawson not on the plane?

* Guilt-ridden assistant coach Red Dawson (Matthew Fox), who wasn’t aboard the fateful flight because he volunteers at the last minute to take the place of another coach on a recruiting trip and is reluctant to return to coaching.

Did Misty cause the plane crash?

Misty destroys the plane’s black box in Yellowjackets because she has the overwhelming desire to feel needed. Misty’s role on the team is technically the assistant, but she acts sort of as a gopher who is very happy to do whatever anyone needs.

What plane crash is Yellowjackets based on?

While the show feels a lot like the female version of the classic novel Lord of the Flies, the creators said they were influenced by the 1972 Andes flight disaster that also inspired the 1993 movie Alive and 2009’s The Donner Party. In 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes mountains.

Where did the plane go down in Yellowjackets?

The plane was carrying 45 passengers when it crashed into the Andes Mountains. 12 died instantly. The remaining people fought for survival for months, stranded in the snow. By the time they were rescued after 72 days, only 16 men were alive.