How do I import an Excel file into ALM?

Import data into ALM Octane from a Microsoft Excel file.

Import the file

  1. Expand the Settings menu. Under the Import section, select a type.
  2. Click Browse and navigate to the folder with the Excel file. …
  3. Click Import. …
  4. After the import is complete, the items are added to ALM Octane in the relevant module and location.

How do I import defects from Excel to ALM?

Navigate to ‘Add-ins’ Tab. Select ‘Export to HP ALM’

How to Upload Defect using Excel

  1. Every time users won’t be in position to create each one of those defects manually.
  2. This module helps users to upload the defects from Excel into ALM.
  3. The process remains the same as that of uploading Tests and requirements.

How do you upload test cases from Excel to Micro Focus ALM?

To upload your data:

  1. In your Excel worksheet, open the Micro Focus ALM Upload Add-in tab and click Upload to ALM. Note: If you click Upload to ALM without first clicking Validate, the ALM Microsoft Excel Add-in validates your data before uploading.
  2. Refresh the view in ALM.

What is ALM in Excel?

Description. The ALM Microsoft Excel Add-in enables you to export your test plan, requirements, or defects in Microsoft Excel directly to ALM. You can view the exported test plan in the test plan tree, the exported requirements in the requirements tree, and the exported defects in the defects grid.

How do you create a Business View report in Excel in ALM?

Microsoft Excel opens with the ALM tab in the ribbon. In the ALM tab, click Login. The ALM login window opens.

Generate the business view report in Excel.

  1. Click Add. The Add Worksheet dialog box opens.
  2. Select Defects.
  3. Click OK. A new business view Excel worksheet is added and the Worksheet Configuration pane is opened.

How do I upload a requirement in ALM?

Enter the HP ALM Server URL and Click ‘Next’. Enter the user name and password for authentication and Click ‘Next’. Step 3) Select the Domain, Project Name into which we would like to upload the requirements and Click ‘Next’. Step 4) Select the type of data that we would like to upload.

How do I add a project to ALM?

How to Create a Domain in HP ALM

  1. Step 1) Launch ALM.
  2. Step 2) Create domain.
  3. Step 4) Domain Created.
  4. Step 1) Select the Domain under which projects are to be created.
  5. Step 2) The ‘Create Project’ wizard opens.
  6. Step 3) Enter the Name of the Project and click ‘Next’ as shown below.

How do I upload test cases in Micro Focus ALM?

How to Execute Test Cases Using ALM/QC

  1. Step #1: In the Test lab tab, choose the test set that you would like to run and click on “Run Test” or “Run Test Set”.
  2. Step #2: If it is an automation test and the tool is integrated, then it launches and runs in the testing tool.

How do you Import test cases in test lab in ALM?

How to Create a Test Set

  1. Select the Test Set.
  2. Navigate to ‘Execution Grid’.
  3. Click ‘Select Tests’ Button. The Test Plan Tree opens up.
  4. Select the Tests to be executed for this Cycle.
  5. Click ‘<=' button. This will move/pull test cases from test plan to test lab.

How do you Import test cases?


  1. In the main menu, click Construction > Import > Test Case.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Locate the file, and click Open.
  4. Click Import to import the test case into the repository. Note: Engineering Lifecycle Management links, such as requirement or work item links, cannot be imported.

How do I export multiple test cases with design steps from ALM to Excel?

How to export all the test cases in the folder to excel in ALM…

  1. Change the View to “Tree View”
  2. Add/Remove the columns that you want to so see or avoid in the Excel.
  3. Add the filter for the field “Subject” according to your folder.
  4. Export All (right click Menue)

How do I create a defect report in Excel?

Excel Bug Tracking Template

  1. The ID (Excel will know how to automatically increase the value each time a new row is added)
  2. A title.
  3. The steps to reproduce.
  4. Expected and actual results.
  5. The reporter name.
  6. The severity and priority—here I used drop-downs because the values should be pre-set.
  7. Environment.

How do I assign a defect in HP ALM?

To add a defect:

  1. Open the ALM_Demo project. If the ALM_Demo project is not already open, log in to the project.
  2. Display the Defects module. On the ALM sidebar, select Defects.
  3. Open the New Defect dialog box.
  4. Describe the defect.
  5. Determine the cycle in which the defect was detected.
  6. Add the defect to the ALM project.