How do I order my pillow?

What are the different levels of MyPillow?

They range from soft to medium-firm and when you’re choosing your MyPillow online, the fill levels are categorized by color. From the lowest fill to the highest, the order goes: yellow, white, green, then blue. From yellow to blue, the fill levels slightly increase, adding loft and support.

How do you know what size MyPillow to get?

Quote from video: It every pillow has a color-coded tag. This is the green level blue level white level yellow level and that coordinates to how much fill is in each pillow.

Is MyPillow still sold at Walmart?

Walmart pulled MyPillow products from its stores, a move that will cost the manufacturer millions of dollars, according to its founder and CEO Mike Lindell.

How long does it take for a MyPillow to arrive?

We have on own warehouse located in near Los Angeles, CA where we ship your bedding from. Depending on where you live it can take anywhere from 2-5 business day to receive your bedding.

What pillows Does Kim Kardashian use?

We love the Talalay Latex pillow and hope it helps! #pillowlove.” Also taking notice of the story was Kim Fisher, president of Talalay Global, North America’s only producer of Talalay latex. She tweeted: “Kim Kardashian LOVES Talalay Latex!

What kind of pillows do they use in 5 star hotels?

What is the difference between the premium and Giza MyPillow?

The main difference is that, whereas the Classic has two fill levels in most places it can be purchased, the Premium is made in four loft options that range from soft to extra firm. The Premium MyPillow also has a baffled edge, making its edges thicker.

What are the three types of pillows?

Types of Pillows

  • Down. Down is a luxurious and ultra-soft material from duck and goose underbellies.
  • Feather. Feathers are the affordable pillow fill compared to down.
  • Down Alternative.
  • Memory Foam.
  • Latex.
  • Cotton.
  • Innerspring.
  • Gel.

What firmness of pillow is best?

medium firmness

You need a pillow that will support the natural curvature of your upper spine, providing support under your head, neck and shoulders. A pillow with medium firmness would probably be your best choice.