How do snowdrops reproduce?

Snowdrops don’t often multiply from seed in a garden, but they will multiply by offsets. Offsets are new bulbs that grow attached to the mother bulb. After a couple of years, the clump of bulbs can be quite dense.

Do snowdrops multiply on their own?

How to divide clumps of snowdrops. Snowdrop bulbs multiply every year and overcrowding can reduce the flower display. So, give plants a boost, and create more displays for free by lifting and dividing the clumps.

How long do snowdrops take to multiply?

Snowdrop bulbs will multiply every year, increasing by an extra 1 – 3 bulbs or so per existing bulb in your garden. Each year your number of snowdrops will increase exponentially but can slow down as clumps become over crowded.

Do snowdrop plants spread?

Snowdrops spread quite fast so it is worthwhile dividing clumps every few years to increase their rate of multiplication. Divide into clusters of three to five bulbs if you are pressed for time and singling bulbs will take too long.

How do you propagate snow drops?

Propagate snowdrops by lifting, dividing and replanting. Established clumps can be lifted and divided after flowering in March or April. With a hand fork carefully lift the bulb (with roots intact) and foliage still in place. Replant in the garden straight away.

How do snowdrops spread naturally?

Snowdrops spread naturally both by creating new bulbs within a clump and by spreading further afield by seed. You could let them do this in your garden and in time – quite a long time – you would have a lovely large drift of them.

Are snowdrops seeds or bulbs?

Snowdrop bulbs are very prone to drying out, so if sourcing bulbs from a nursery or garden centre is the only option, buy them as soon as they are available and plant immediately. Plant snowdrops in a partly-shaded position in a moist, but well-drained soil with leafmould or garden compost incorporated.

What do you do with snowdrops after they have flowered?

A much better approach is to leave the snowdrop alone. The leaves will eventually dry up showing you that the bulb is dormant. You can then dig up the snowdrops and replant them, immediately, in a new location. Using this approach will have very little effect on the snowdrop and it will bloom great next year.

How many flowers do you get from one snowdrop bulb?

two flowers

‘Straffan’ and G. ‘Ophelia’ both of which usually have two flowers per bulb; and G Ailwyn’.