How do you hide cable box for wall mounted TV?

7 Ways to Hide a Cable Box

  1. Mount it. If you have enough room, mounting the cable box on the wall behind your TV is likely your best bet. …
  2. Remote Extender. A remote extender is a tiny corded product that you attach to the front of your TV. …
  3. Drawer or Cabinet. …
  4. Books. …
  5. Basket With Holes. …
  6. Cube Storage Bin. …
  7. Add Decor.

Where do you hide cable box with wall mounted TV?

Entertainment Center / Other Furniture. For those with numerous devices, sometimes storing their cable box and other media player electronics in an entertainment center, armoire, or other furniture is the best approach. Ideally, the furniture will have pre-cut holes for wires, or you’ll need to add some yourself.

How can I hide my cable box and still use the remote?

If your remote uses Bluetooth or RF technology, you don’t have much to worry about as these don’t require line of sight. As long as you’re within range of your cable box, your remote should work fine. Most Bluetooth devices will work up to 30 feet away and RF can go a bit farther.

How can I hide my cable box and wires behind my TV?

How to Hide Your TV Wires Without Cutting Into Your Walls

  1. Use Cord Clips to Hide Your Wires Behind a TV Stand.
  2. Use Zip Ties to Keep Your Wires from Touching the Floor.
  3. Use a Cable Management Box.
  4. Use a Wall Cord Raceway Kit.
  5. Hide Your TV Wires Inside a Baseboard Raceway.
  6. Use a Fabric Cord Concealer.

Can cable box be hidden?

The obvious solution is to hide it behind behind closed doors. Unfortunately, many of today’s cable boxes and other components use IR (infrared) remotes, which require line of sight to work. So if you put your cable box behind doors, you’ll have to open them whenever you want to change channels.

Will cable box work behind TV?

Line of sight is not required as long as there are semi-reflective surfaces (i.e. walls) near the cable box. This helps to explain why your remote signal won’t travel through your cabinet door or around a corner yet it will work with your cable box hidden behind the TV.

What do you do with cables when mounting a TV on the wall?

A useful idea for hiding cables when mounting your tv on a wall is to use plastic cord covers that attach directly to the wall above it and conceal the wires. The cord covers can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

What do I do with my cable box when I mount my TV above the fireplace?

You can do this through the use of cable clips or zip ties. This will keep the wires from dangling free. You can also place the cable box in another room. For wire management, you need to drill a hole in the wall and stick the wire out to the other room.

Can I Velcro a cable box behind TV?

The easiest place to hide a cable box is on the back of your wall mounted TV. We’d recommend using VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Strips to secure it in place – they can hold up to 7kg per 50 x 100mm strip so they’ll provide a secure, long-term hold.

How do you hide TV equipment?

How To Mount A Cable Box & Hide The Wires In The Wall

Where is the cable box on a wall mount?

All you need is to put the cable box behind the TV and ask a friend to change channels. You can mount one side into a stud if it is possible. Make sure no to drill a pilot hole when you mount the stud. For creating holes into a stud you need to use a mounting screw since the 3/16″ drill bit seems too large.

How do you hide TV equipment?

The easiest way to hide your TV electronics is to put them inside an entertainment center behind doors. Simply open the doors to watch TV and close the doors when you are done. Your satellite or cable receiver box as well as the TV will be hidden, as long as you remember to close the doors.

How do you hide wires on a setup box?

Here are some DIY ideas to help you conceal those wires without having to cut into the wall.

  1. Get a Stylish Entertainment Unit. …
  2. Create Panelling on the Wall Just Behind the TV. …
  3. Wall Cladding. …
  4. TV on a Stand. …
  5. Paint the Raceway. …
  6. Panel Just Behind the TV. …
  7. A Green Solution. …
  8. Create Art with Wires.