How do you sign goat in ASL?

What’s the sign for goat in ASL?

The sign for “goat” uses a bent-V handshape. Touch your chin, then touch your upper forehead. The handshape starts and stays in a “bent-V” shape. The movement is quick.

What is the sign for lamb?

Lamb is signed a bit like sheep, with an additional gesture. To sign lamb, place your non-dominant arm in front of you with palm facing up, then steadily move your dominant hand in a horizontal ASL letter V or number 3 shape across the top of your non-dominant arm, as if you are shearing the wool of the lamb.

How do you sign goose?

To sign goose, place your dominant hand in front of your mouth with all fingers bent together and your thumb out, as if to form a beak, then move the hand away from your mouth and forward. Alternatively, create a beak-like shape with your dominant hand’s pointer and middle fingers together, touching your thumb.