How do you spell rithe?

Is rithe a word?

Noun. (dialect) A small stream.

How to spell writhe in pain?


  1. : to twist into coils or folds.
  2. : to twist so as to distort : wrench.
  3. : to twist (the body or a bodily part) in pain.

How do you spell Writh?

verb (used without object), writhed, writh·ing. to twist the body about or squirm, as in pain, violent effort, uncontrolled passion, etc.

What type of word is writhe?


Verb. (transitive) To twist, wring (something). (transitive) To extort.

What does the word Rith mean?

Noun. rith (plural riths) (obsolete) A small stream. They waded further up the rith.

What is a Reith?

Noun. reith f (genitive singular reithe) heat (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile) (in sheep, goats)

What is a sentence for writhe?

The following day, he was feverish and writhing in pain. Casings wilted like lettuce out of water, as heavy machinery writhed and twisted into grotesque shapes in the blazing inferno. No sooner than he had eaten the bananas, the landlord started writhing with intense pain in his stomach.

What is an example of writhing?

twisting about or squirming, as from pain, violent effort, uncontrolled passion, etc.: I saw a big red-tailed hawk carry a writhing blacksnake across the sky. feeling or expressing acute mental discomfort or distress: His words were a writhing mix of anger and confusion and he didn’t spare her any of it.

What does writhe mean in a sentence?

to make large twisting movements with the body: The pain was so unbearable that he was writhing in agony. She was writhing around on the ground.

Is rithe a valid Scrabble word?

No, rithe is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Rith Scrabble word?

RITH is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Writh a Scrabble word?

writh is a valid English word.

Is Rathe a Scrabble word?

Yes, rathe is a valid Scrabble word.

Is reath a valid scrabble word?

REATH is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Vaxxed a scrabble word?

Perhaps none of the additions evokes the current era as much as vax and vaxed (which can also be spelled vaxxed, though Scrabble contains only one X tile). Other words made ubiquitous in recent years include bodycam, unmute and of course, covid.