How does MyQ Internet gateway work?

How does the MyQ Internet Gateway work?

The MyQ Internet Gateway connects to the internet through your home router, and when combined with other MyQ devices, allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door opener and control your household lighting from anywhere via your smartphone.

Do I need a gateway for MyQ?

If your Chamberlain or LiftMaster garage door opener has a yellow learn button and a Wi-Fi logo on the motorhead, or “Powered by myQ” logo, no additional parts are needed. This opener has an internal gateway and the myQ serial number is located on the side of the opener near the yellow learn button.

How does LiftMaster Internet gateway work?

The new security system sends real-time alerts on your smartphone or computer when there is an activity with the garage door or MyQ lights. It can control up to 16 MyQ devices, including garage door openers, gate operators, and light controls using a smartphone or computer.

How far away does MyQ work?

Your myQ Wi-Fi product must be within 50 feet of your router. If the Wi-Fi signal in the garage is weak, try moving the router closer to your garage to minimize interference from walls and other objects.

How do I connect myQ to my router?

Quote from video: Button you should hear a beep on the garage door opener tap next on the app. Then you should see your garage door opener appear on your wi-fi.

How do I setup an Internet gateway?

Quote from video: Window simply connect the internet gateway to power it's blinking white light means it's starting up the light may then fluctuate.