How long has z100 been on the air?

When did Z100 start?

In 1983, Z100 launched from the swamps of New Jersey, where no artist would venture, and the DJs had to buy their own records just to have music to play on air.

How long has Elvis Duran been on Z100?

Duran began hosting his daily radio show on New York’s Z100 in April 1996. The show expanded to Sussex County NJ in 2003 on WHCY-FM Max 106.3 and Y100/WHYI-FM in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale on May 22, 2006.

How popular is Z100?

The station is owned by a company called iHeartMedia, and Z100 is the flagship station for the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Z100 is a super popular station as it attracts thousands of listeners every day. In fact, there are over 2.5 million listeners per week – that’s a huge number!

What was the Z100 secret sound?

Listen to Z100 every weekday during the 7am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm hours for the Z100 Secret Sound! When you hear it, be caller #100 at 800-242-0100 . If you guess right, you win the money! If not, we’ll keep adding a Z100 Dollar Bill to the pot, until someone wins!

Is Gandhi from Z100 related to Gandhi?

The Ohio State University graduate and great-great-granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi is known for her daily “3 Things You Need to Know” segment that runs within the first 15 minutes of each hour during the show.

How old is Froggy from Z100?

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When did Greg leave Z100?

October 7, 2019

Greg T announced on September 26, 2019, that he would be leaving the show to join Carolina Bermudez on WKTU as Co-Host of the new Carolina with Greg T in the Morning Show. His last day was on October 7, 2019.

When did John Bell leave Z100?

On March 18, 2010, John Bell’s contract with Z100 was terminated due to what he was told was a “budget cut”. According to, John stated that he never planned on leaving the radio station in what was then the foreseeable future.

How is Nicolas Cage related to Elvis?

Cage’s second marriage was to singer and songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. (Cage, an Elvis fan, used Elvis as the inspiration for his performance in Wild at Heart.) They married on August 10, 2002, and filed for divorce 107 days later on November 25, 2002.