How long is the LA Philharmonic concert?

2-2 1/2 hours2-2 1/2 hours, which typically includes a 20-minute intermission. Come early for Upbeat Live, the Philharmonic’s free pre-concert event where you can learn about the music on your program. This series is offered for most LA Phil performances and starts one hour prior to performance time.

What do you wear to the LA Philharmonic?

Your experience of the music is what’s important, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. As you’ll see, a lot of concertgoers wear business attire or casual business attire. We do ask that you refrain from using strong fragrances, as they may be distracting to other patrons and the performers.

How long do Hollywood Bowl concerts last?

2 to 2 ½ hours

How long is the performance? Most concerts are 2 to 2 ½ hours, which typically includes a 20-minute intermission.

Is there a dress code at Walt Disney Concert Hall?

You will see people in suits and dresses and other people in jeans and a polo shirt. There is no strict dress code for our concerts, but as a rule, “smart casual” is a good guideline.

How much does the LA Philharmonic make?


Los Angeles Philharmonic pays an average salary of $156,700 and salaries range from a low of $134,019 to a high of $181,026. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

Can you wear jeans to an orchestra?

There is no official dress code, but you’ll see guests wearing everything from jeans to cocktail dresses. Most guests opt for business attire or business casual. Some people enjoy dressing up and making a special night of it, others prefer to dress more laid back. Generally, the only tuxes you’ll see are on stage.

Does the LA Philharmonic have a dress code?

Dress & Etiquette
There isn’t a dress code so that’s up to you! You may dress according to your personal preference, ranging from casual to formal, though business casual is the most popular choice.

How long is a concert supposed to last?

Expect a concert to last anything from 90 minutes to two hours, and that is a pretty good guide. There is often a 15-20 minute interval too. However, with artists being very much in control of their music, it’s also correct to say that a concert can last much longer, from two and a half hours to three hours.

How many hours does a concert last?

So how long is a concert exactly? A rock concert is generally about 3 to 4 hours long. This depends on how many acts are on the lineup. Typically there are three performers for the night, with the headlining artist playing the longest set.

How long does a concert set last?

Most concerts are about 2-hours on average but can run longer depending on how many bands or artists will be performing and around 45-minutes to an hour is the typical stage time each band spends playing and roughly 15-minutes to 30-minutes between bands is what it usually takes for the band that performed last to

Do you dress up to go to the orchestra?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable is fine. Most people will be wearing business clothes or slightly dressy casual clothes, but you’ll see everything from khakis to cocktail dresses. Some people enjoy dressing up and making a special night of it. If you do decide to dress up, though, go easy on the cologne.

Is there a dress code for orchestras?

Orchestra concerts are special occasions, and so orchestra attire always deviates from everyday dress. The tendency in most cases is to lean to conservative black clothing, but the level of formality in the clothing depends on the situation and the director’s preference.

How should I dress to see an orchestra?

Women: Dressy slacks and blazer, Cocktail dresses, full length gowns. If you worry about being underdressed and don’t have a gown or cocktail dress, a sharp black outfit whether it’s pants or a dress, will usually help. No jeans. Men: Even if the event says “Black Tie” you will likely see many men in suits.