How many chapters are in Going After Cacciato?

There are eighteen chapters that have a unique title, except the first and the last one, in which the reader gets to know Paul’s war experiences, right up to the moment Cacciato deserts his squad.

How many pages is Going After Cacciato?

Going After Cacciato

First edition
Author Tim O’Brien
Pages 352
ISBN 0-440-02948-1
OCLC 3240718

How does After Cacciato end?

The leader of Cacciato’s squad, Lieutenant Corson, decides that he and his men will go after him. They march into the mountains, and when they can’t convince Cacciato to return, they surround him. Paul is scared and wishes Cacciato would escape; the chapter ends on an open-ended note with Paul shouting, “’Go! ‘” (25).

What year does Going After Cacciato take place?

The sections chasing after Cacciato in his quest for Paris span from October 1968 through April 1969 as the ragtag squad follows their escaped AWOL comrade and make their way Westward.

What is the theme of Going After Cacciato?

Survival and Self-Preservation. Arguably the most basic and important theme of Going After Cacciato—the theme on which all others are predicated—is that of survival and self-preservation.

Who is Paul Berlin in Going After Cacciato?

The protagonist of Going After Cacciato, Paul Berlin is a young, inexperienced soldier who spends the majority of the novel struggling with his own conflicted feelings about war, violence, his family, and his peers.

When Was Going After Cacciato written?

Going After Cacciato (1978), which won a National Book Award, follows both a soldier who abandons his platoon in Vietnam to try to walk to Paris and a fellow infantryman who escapes the war’s horrors by inventing elaborate fantasies about his journey. In The Things…

What literary work is mimicked in Going After Cacciato?

Homer’s Odyssey

Another key work of literature worth discussing alongside Going After Cacciato is Homer’s Odyssey. In this Ancient Greek epic poem, the wise hero Odysseus tries to travel back to his home country of Ithaca after the end of the long, brutal Trojan War.

What is the story the things they carried about?

The Things They Carried (1990) is a collection of linked short stories by American novelist Tim O’Brien, about a platoon of American soldiers fighting on the ground in the Vietnam War. His third book about the war, it is based upon his experiences as a soldier in the 23rd Infantry Division.

What does the far west represent in Going After Cacciato?

The so-called “Far West” could refer to any number of places, but it seems that the Far West is for Sarkin what Paris is for Cacciato—a mystical place of peace, where one can escape the horrors of the Vietnam War.