The Fascinating World of Fingerlings: A Closer Look at the Robotic Toy Phenomenon

Fingerlings, the line of robotic toys released in 2017 by WowWee, has taken the toy industry by storm. These small creatures that wrap around a finger have captured the hearts of children and adults alike with their interactive features and adorable designs. In this article, we will delve into the world of Fingerlings, exploring their unique characteristics, their popularity, and the impact they have had on the toy market.

The Unforgettable Features of Fingerlings

Fingerlings are not your ordinary toys. They are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to react to touch and sound, creating a lifelike and engaging experience for users. These interactive creatures boast a wide range of actions and sounds, with over 40 different responses in their repertoire. From singing and blinking to burping and even farting, Fingerlings never fail to surprise and entertain.

The original lineup of Fingerlings was specifically designed to resemble the pygmy marmoset, a small primate native to the rainforests of South America. This choice of design was inspired by the childhood fascination of the brand manager, who had always been captivated by these adorable creatures.

The Rise to Prominence

Upon their release, Fingerlings quickly gained popularity and became a sensation during the 2017 Christmas season. They skyrocketed to the top of many children’s wish lists and earned the coveted title of the #1 toy for Christmas that year. The combination of their innovative technology, lovable design, and interactive features struck a chord with both kids and parents.

However, the tremendous demand for Fingerlings also gave rise to a darker side of the toy market. Online shopping bots, commonly known as “Grinch bots,” exploited the high demand for Fingerlings by rapidly purchasing bulk orders from retail websites. These bots then resold the toys at inflated prices, causing frustration and disappointment for many consumers. In response to this issue, there were calls for legislation to ban the use of bots on retail sites to ensure fair access to popular toys.

Expanding the Fingerlings Family

Building upon the success of the original Fingerlings, WowWee introduced Fingerlings Hugs in 2018. These larger plush toys retained the interactive features that made their smaller counterparts so beloved. Fingerlings Hugs provided an even more huggable and cuddly experience, capturing the hearts of children who desired a larger, snuggly companion.


Fingerlings have made a significant impact on the toy market since their introduction in 2017. Their interactive nature, unique design, and widespread popularity have solidified their place as one of the most sought-after toys in recent years. While Fingerlings may have faced challenges with reselling bots, they continue to charm both children and adults with their adorable antics and lifelike responses.


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How many different types of Fingerlings are there?

There are multiple types of Fingerlings available, including monkeys, unicorns, sloths, dragons, and more. The exact number of different types may vary over time as new editions and series are released.

Are Fingerlings available in different colors?

Yes, Fingerlings come in various colors to cater to different preferences. Common colors include blue, green, orange, purple, and red.

What is the total number of Fingerlings in a collection?

The total number of Fingerlings in a collection can vary depending on the series or edition. The Fingerlings collections typically consist of multiple characters, and each character adds to the overall count of the collection.

Do Fingerlings have different features and sounds?

Yes, Fingerlings have a wide range of features and sounds. They can blink, make various noises, sing, react to touch and sound, and even perform playful actions like blowing kisses, burping, and farting. Each Fingerling has its own unique set of features and responses.

Are there larger Fingerlings available?

Yes, WowWee introduced Fingerlings Hugs, which are larger plush toys with the same interactive capabilities as the smaller Fingerlings. Fingerlings Hugs provide a huggable and cuddly experience for those who prefer a larger companion.

Are Fingerlings limited edition toys?

Some editions or series of Fingerlings may be released as limited editions, meaning they are produced in limited quantities and may be available for a limited time. These limited edition Fingerlings often generate additional excitement and collectible value.

Can Fingerlings be collected and traded?

Yes, Fingerlings can be collected and traded among enthusiasts. Some collectors may aim to have a complete set of Fingerlings, including different types, colors, and editions.

Are there any special releases or collaborations involving Fingerlings?

Yes, WowWee occasionally releases special editions or collaborates with other brands or franchises to create unique Fingerlings. These collaborations can include themed Fingerlings based on popular characters from movies, TV shows, or other media.