How many kingdoms are in Uganda?

How many kings does Uganda have?

According to the traditions of the Baganda they are ruled by two kings, one spiritual and the other secular.

Who were the leaders of Buganda kingdom?

Buganda is a constitutional monarchy. The current Head of State is the Kabaka, Muwenda Mutebi II who has reigned since the restoration of the kingdom in 1993. The Head of Government is the Katikkiro (Prime Minister) Charles Mayiga, who was appointed by the Kabaka in 2013. The Parliament of Buganda is the Lukiiko.

Which is the largest kingdom in Uganda?


Uganda’s largest and most politically powerful kingdom, Buganda is located in the central region along the shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala is also home to Mengo, the seat of the Kabaka (king). The Baganda are the largest ethnic community in Uganda, with an estimated five million people.