How much is a fiddle fig?

On average, a mature fiddle leaf fig tree costs around $100. Depending on age, source, and health, the plants can range from $20 to $250. If you are looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree on a budget, looking at local plant swaps is the best way to go.

Why are fiddle leaf figs so expensive?

They’re far from simple, and even further from a small piece of interior decor. One of the main reasons that fiddle leaf figs have taken the industry for so long is that they have been in demand for over a decade. As people learn that it’s popular, they are more likely to want to get their hands on them.

How long does a fiddle leaf last?

It can live for up to 25-50 years (if cared for properly in non-tropical conditions). What makes it so popular among design circles? Most people credit the big, floppy round leaves of the tree, shaped like violins.

Are fiddle figs hard to keep alive?

The hot houseplant of the moment (or really, of the last few years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a gorgeous, architectural statement in any room of the house. But while this lush plant, with its shiny, violin-shaped leaves, is stunning, it can be hard to keep alive.

How big will a little fiddle get?

Eventually, Little Fiddle can reach 4 feet in height when grown indoors, but it’s a slow grower so you won’t have to worry about it getting out of control. These tough little houseplants thrive on bright, indirect light.

What is the most expensive plant?

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This orchid is one of the most expensive plants on the earth. It is a manufactured plant that took eight years to develop. The plant originated in a university lab. With a price tag of $200,000, this rare plant is out of reach for most plant lovers.

Do fiddle leaf figs like showers?

Showering gives your plant a humidity boost.

As a tropical plant, fiddle leaf figs love humidity! We don’t often recommend misting (spraying the leaves with water) to provide humidity for several reasons, but if you’re showering to water or clean your plants, the extra humidity from the water is an added bonus!

What is the most expensive fig tree?

The white Baca fig, the most expensive and his favorite, came from La Luz, near Alamogordo. Its small, round fruit tastes like a Bellini, a champagne and peach nectar cocktail. Another favorite came from a North Valley man whose grandmother smuggled cuttings in her dress when she came to the U.S. from Italy in 1955.

What are the benefits of fiddle leaf fig?

The broad, violin-shaped leaves make it a highly efficient air purifying plant. So you can breathe easier in your home or office knowing that your live Fiddle Leaf Fig plant will remove common toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, dioxins, and more.

Why are fiddle leaf figs hard to take care of?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees prefer to dry out slightly between waterings, and while they take a good deal of water to keep healthy, soggy soil will drown the plant. If your leaves start to brown and fall and the soil is moist, let the plant dry out until the soil becomes completely dry.

How can you tell if a fiddle leaf fig is real?

Quote from video: Green than the large form variety right here and some of that's in the veining. The veining on this little fiddle is a little bit darker.

How poisonous are fiddle leaf figs?

The good news is that fig trees are only mildly poisonous, and while they can cause illness and oral irritation, throat irritation, and abdominal pain, ingestion won’t lead to very serious illness or death. A fiddle’s sap can also irritate or even blister the skin.

Do fiddle leaf figs attract bugs?

Pests – Fiddle leaf figs are susceptible to fairly common pests, such as mealy bugs, scale, mites, whiteflies, and aphids, but on a healthy, growing fiddle leaf fig they are rare. In the event a bug finds its way to your fig, simply wipe it down with a soapy wet rag.