How much is Adventures in Odyssey Club?

How much is an adventure in Odyssey membership?

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How much does it cost? For $9.99 per month (USD), you and your family can have access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series, plus bonus albums and exclusive episodes. In addition, new web quests, activities, and bonus video are released for each exclusive episode.

Is Adventures in Odyssey Club free?

The Adventures in Odyssey Club helps the whole family grow closer to Jesus and to each other.

What is included in Adventures in Odyssey membership?

Club membership includes unlimited, on-demand, streaming access to 900+ Adventures in Odyssey episodes—plus daily devotions, fun videos, faith-building activities and more! Join today and give your kids a virtual home away from home.

How much is an AIO membership?

All Associate members must apply for Regular membership after they have achieved five years of experience. Student members become Associate members at the age of 25. Annual membership dues are $145, payable before the end of each calendar year.

How long is the Adventures in Odyssey free trial?

The free trial will automatically expire after 14 days and no action is needed to cancel your trial membership.

What is the best adventure in Odyssey?

Fan Favorites

  • Episode # 1 The Case of the Secret Room, Part 1 of 2.
  • Episode # 2 The Case of the Secret Room, Part 2 of 2.
  • Episode # 3 The Search for Whit, Part 1 of 3.
  • Episode # 4 The Search for Whit, Part 2 of 3.
  • Episode # 5 The Search for Whit, Part 3 of 3.
  • Episode # 6 The Spy Who Bugged Me.
  • Episode # 7 I Slap Floor.

Is the Odyssey Music app free?

Odyssey Music Player | F-Droid – Free and Open Source Android App Repository.

What is the Odyssey Club?

The Odyssey was a popular nightclub that primarily served young residents of the Hollywood area. Located on 8471 Beverly Boulevard, the club openly welcomed gay and lesbian teenage patrons and provided a space for them to explore their sexual identities.