How much is Martellus Bennett worth?

What is Martellus Bennett doing now?

After retiring, Bennett became a children’s author and published books under his publication company The Imagination Agency. He is the younger brother of former defensive end Michael Bennett.

Why did Martellus Bennett retire?

Recently released by the New England Patriots, Martellus Bennett indicated in a tweet Friday evening that he is retiring from football to focus on his “life’s work” as the founder of The Imagination Agency.

What did Martellus Bennett say?

Martellus Bennett Says Jimmy Garoppolo Was ‘Being A B—-‘ In 2016, And ‘You Can’t Win With A B—- For A Quarterback’ – CBS Boston.

Who is Marty Bennett?

Marty Bennett is an award-winning international educator with a career spanning 29 years.

Are there any black tight ends in the NFL?

There are plenty of black tight ends in the NFL, though percentage-wise, there are less than positions like running back or wide receiver.

Who is the greatest TE ever?

Gil Brandt’s 14 greatest NFL tight ends of all time

  • 1 / 14. Jackie Smith. St.
  • 2 / 14. Greg Olsen. Chicago Bears, 2007-2010; Carolina Panthers, 2011-present.
  • 3 / 14. Russ Francis.
  • 4 / 14. Shannon Sharpe.
  • 5 / 14. Ozzie Newsome.
  • 6 / 14. Charlie Sanders.
  • 7 / 14. Antonio Gates.
  • 8 / 14. Mike Ditka.

What is the blackest NFL team?

That team is called the Philadelphia Eagles, the blackest team in the National Football League.