How old is George Kittle?

How many 100 yard games does George Kittle have?

George Kittle has played 13 games with 100+ receiving yards.

What was Kittle’s injury?

groin injury

CHICAGO (AP) — San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is inactive for Sunday’s game at the Chicago Bears because of a groin injury. Kittle got hurt during a light practice on Monday.

What was George Kittle 40 time?

Percentiles vs. Tight Ends

Measurable Measurement %tile
40 Yard Dash 4.52s 94
Vertical Jump 35″ 73
Broad Jump 132″ 98
Bench Press 18 reps 32

What is George Kittle’s contract?

After making three Pro Bowls with two 1,000-yard seasons before the age of 26, the San Francisco 49ers locked in the big man in 2021 with a five-year, $75 million deal. Kittle will be under contract through the 2025 season.

How tall is George Kittles wife?

Quick Facts

Name Claire Colette Kittle
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Gemini
Body Measurement Waist (73.66 cm)
Height 5’11” (1.84m)

Who wore 85 for the 49ers?

85: Vernon Davis (2006-Present)

He has been the 49ers’ deep threat for many of his seasons on the team and thus deserves this slot. However, he’s not a clear runaway. Davis has outdistanced his competition, but ’60s tight end Monty Stickles and ’80s receiver Mike Wilson deserve mentions as well.

Who wore 80 before Jerry Rice?

Steve Largent’s

And such is the story of how Steve Largent’s retired No. 80 was worn one last time, by Jerry Rice.

What does a tight end do?

Tight End (TE) – This player is a hybrid between a receiver and an offensive lineman. Generally, he lines up next to the LT or RT or he can “split out” like a wide receiver. His duties include blocking for both the quarterback and the running backs, but he can also run into the field and catch passes.