How to remove a rusted or stuck mouthpiece?

How do you get a mouthpiece unstuck without a mouthpiece puller?

If the mouthpiece is stuck, you can try to grip it with your hand and give it a little counter-clockwise twist. If it is not stuck too much, you will be able to pull it out with your hand. Tap at the mouthpipe with a wooden mallet.

Why do mouthpieces get stuck?

This is a common issue we see in the workshop. Trumpet, or indeed any Brass mouthpieces, get stuck in the instrument due to dirt and moisture. Getting stuck is inconvenient but not terminal. There are a couple of removal tools (more on that later) and any good Repairer can do it within moments.

How do you get a trumpet mouthpiece unstuck?

Quote from video: And they put some penetrating oil on there. And sometimes they try heat or freezing it and none of it has worked so they take it to me and then I see what I can do to get it unstuck this is what I

How do you use a mouthpiece remover?

Quote from video: Fits in the cutout of the upper plate after you've secured the puller in the right position begin tightening each slide one turn at a time to keep the plates aligned.

How do you unscrew a tight object?

Quote from video: And just give a couple gentle taps with a hammer and a lot of times what that will do is that will loosen that rust. Up.

What dissolves heavy rust?

Strong acids will dissolve rust, but they will also dissolve paint, finishes, and sometimes even the metal itself. Hydrochloric acid (which is also called muriatic acid in its diluted form), as well as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid may be used in rust removal formulas using strong acids.

What dissolves rusty metal?

5 Ways to Remove Rust From Metal

  • Vinegar bath. Best used on items that are all steel or on tools with significant rust, a vinegar bath takes very little elbow grease to work away the rust once soaked.
  • Potato and soap.
  • Lemon and salt.
  • Baking soda.
  • Citric acid.

What removes rust instantly?

How To Remove a VERY Stuck Mouthpiece

What can I use instead of a mouthpiece?


  • mouth,
  • point man,
  • point person,
  • prophet,
  • speaker,
  • spokesman,
  • spokesperson.

How do you Undent a mouthpiece?

Quote from video: Towards the damage from either side rotate the mouthpiece and continue to lightly tap the shank back to its original shape.

How do you unstick a trombone mouthpiece?

Quote from video: And I hold it as such in my palm. So my fingers are holding it and with the hammer I gently turn the mouthpiece and I'm hitting an emotion towards the lead pipe on the nut not on the threads.

How do you remove a stuck saxophone mouthpiece?

Quit jiggling or wrenching. Increase pure circular twisting pressure until the mouthpiece frees itself from the cork. Worked like a charm for me with E-Flat Alto Sax. Afterward, apply cork grease to cork only and replace mouthpiece and adjust it to the position of your liking.

Can you soak a sax mouthpiece in vinegar?

Too much limescale can make the mouthpiece difficult to remove. Treat your mouthpiece with vinegar to get rid of limescale. Soak a swab or small towel in white vinegar and place it inside your mouthpiece. Allow it to sit for ten minutes to soften the limescale, then remove the swab.

Can you soak a saxophone mouthpiece?

Quote from video: Vinegar. Allow the mouthpiece to soak in this solution for about five minutes a dirtier mouthpiece will require more soaking time and can even be left to soak overnight.