How was nirvana formed?

In 1985 he created a homemade tape of some songs with the drummer of the Melvins that later caught the attention of local bassist Krist Novoselic. Cobain and Novoselic formed Nirvana in 1987 and thereafter recruited a series of drummers to record demo tapes with them and play small shows throughout the Northwest.

How were Nirvana formed?

Cobain and Krist Novoselic met in 1985. Both were fans of The Melvins, and often hung out at the band’s practice space. After a couple of false starts at forming their own band, the duo recruited drummer Aaron Burckhard, creating the first incarnation of what would eventually become Nirvana.

How did Nirvana get big?

After signing to record label DGC Records, in 1991, Nirvana became very popular after releasing the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. This song was the first single from their second album Nevermind (1991), which sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Nirvana becoming popular also made alternative rock popular.

Where was Nirvana originally from?


From Aberdeen, near Seattle, Nirvana was part of the postpunk underground scene that centred on K Records of Olympia, Washington, before they recorded their first single, “Love Buzz” (1988), and album, Bleach (1989), for Sub Pop, an independent record company in Seattle.

When did Nirvana become Nirvana?


In 1987, Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain started the band that was eventually to become Nirvana. It wasn’t until 1988 that the two named the band Nirvana. 1988 is also the year that the band released their first album, Bleach.

How long did Nirvana last?

During their three years as a mainstream act, Nirvana received an American Music Award, Brit Award and Grammy Award, as well as seven MTV Video Music Awards and two NME Awards.

Nirvana (band)

Years active 1987–1994
Labels Sub Pop DGC
Spinoffs Foo Fighters Sweet 75 Giants in the Trees
Spinoff of Fecal Matter

Why did Kurt Cobain wear dress?

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What did Nirvana stand for?

The origin of the word nirvana relates to religious enlightenment; it comes from the Sanskrit meaning “extinction, disappearance” of the individual to the universal. Achieving nirvana is to make earthly feelings like suffering and desire disappear.

Who influenced Nirvana?

Inspired by Black Sabbath, and punk rock bands like Black Flag, by 1986 they had formed Nirvana and two years later moved to Seattle to record their first single with Sub Pop.

Was Nirvana the biggest band in the world?

In the early to mid 1990s, Nirvana were the biggest band on the planet, Kurt Cobain was basically God and grunge was the ultimate in cool.

Why is Nirvana so good?

People regard Nirvana as such a great band because they changed so much in the rock, punk, emo, etc. universe. nirvana has done so much just by making music and being themselves, and they ended before they hit a downfall so that is why people regard Nirvana as such a great band.