In simple layman terms, what is the Loudness War?

What is an example of the loudness war?

2008’s Death Magnetic is the most well known example of what the loudness war has done to music. The album was so hopelessly over-compressed and limited that it just sounded terrible. Critics and the average consumer alike recognized how poor the sound quality was. In some sense, Metallica and Rick Rubin won the war.

Is loudness war still a thing?

The Death of the Loudness War

The loudness war is basically over. Loudness has finally been defeated. Sure, people are still making very loud tracks – and it’s still a very valid goal for many producers out there to mix and master their music as loud as possible.

What is the most compressed album?

The honor of the loudest, most compressed album of all time goes to the 1997 remaster of The Stooges’ classic Raw Power. The waveform of each song scrapes the top of the audio spectrum with little variation.