Is Drex no longer on b96?

Todd Cavanah, vice president of programming at B96, announced the move in an email to staff, saying of DreX: “He will remain a friend to many of us and I want to thank him for being a great teammate and true professional in every sense of the word.”

Are Gabe and Nina still on B96?

B96 already employed Gabe Ramirez when it paired him with Nina Haijan and Drex in 2018. After less than a year, Drex was let go and Ramirez was elevated to the show’s co-host. The show came to an end in October of 2021 after Haijan had gone on an extended leave.

Why is Nina not on B96 anymore?

We have given Nina an extended period of time off to spend time with family and friends,” B96 program director Todd Cavanah said in response to an inquiry Tuesday. “I’d like to respect everyone’s privacy on this matter at this time.” No word on when (or whether) she’ll return.

What happened to B96 morning show?

The WTMX morning star has been off the air since allegations of sexual misconduct has surfaced from his former female co-workers and more surfaced today from former co-host Melissa McGurren.

Who hosts B96 Chicago?

B96’s latest morning host, Gabe Ramirez, is expected to stay on with Audacy Chicago in a new role to be announced. Ramirez joined B96 in 2008 as an intern for the station’s last big morning stars — Ed Volkman and Joe “Bohannan” Colborn — and moved up to morning show producer and co-host.

Why did Eddie and JoBo get fired from B96?

Eddie & JoBo rode a wave of success, but on May 10, 1994, they were fired in the aftermath of a multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit filed against them by former WMAQ-TV News anchor Joan Esposito.

What happen to Gabe Ramirez?

Gabe was shot at a Halloween party

The shooting occurred outside a house in Whittier, California on Friday night. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a fight broke out at the Halloween party which went out onto the street where the shooting took place.

Did Gabe from B96 get fired?

After three years on the dawn patrol at Audacy Top 40 WBBM 96.3-FM it’s over and out for Gabe Ramirez and Nina Hajian. Last week the company posted a job opening for a new morning team. (Here is the link.)

Where is Gabe and Nina from B96?

Host for the Audacy Top 40 morning show on WBBM 96.3-FM, Nina Hajian, hasn’t been on the air for weeks. According to Robert Feder, she has been missing with no explanation as to why since August 2021. That leaves her co-host, Gabe Ramirez, flying solo.