Drex’s Departure: Is He No Longer on B96?

Drex, also known as Kevin Buchar, was a prominent morning personality on B96, a leading Top 40 radio station in Chicago. His arrival at B96 in April 2019 was highly anticipated, as the station aimed to boost its morning ratings and capture the attention of listeners in the competitive Chicago radio market.

Drex’s Arrival and Departure

Drex joined B96 in April 2019, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the radio industry. The station had high hopes for Drex, expecting him to invigorate the morning show and attract a larger audience. The initial response from listeners was mixed, with some embracing the change while others expressed reservations.

However, Drex’s tenure at B96 was short-lived. In February 2019, it was announced that Drex would no longer be the morning host at B96. The reasons behind his departure were not explicitly stated, but it marked a significant shift in the station’s morning lineup.

Rebranding and “Gabe and Nina in the Morning”

Following Drex’s exit, B96 underwent a rebranding of its morning show. The new hosts, Gabe Ramirez and Nina Hajian, took over the reins, and the show was renamed “Gabe and Nina in the Morning.” This change aimed to bring a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the morning slot.

With the rebranding came some changes in format, style, and content. Gabe and Nina infused their unique personalities into the show, incorporating relevant pop culture discussions, engaging interviews, and entertaining segments to captivate the audience. The revamped show garnered positive feedback from listeners and helped solidify B96’s position in the Chicago radio landscape.

Changes and Renaming

In recent years, B96’s morning show has experienced further changes. Nina Hajian departed from the station in September 2021, leaving Gabe Ramirez as the sole host of the program. This departure had an impact on the show’s dynamic, as Gabe took on a more prominent role in leading the morning discussions.

Following Nina’s departure, the morning show was renamed “B96 Mornings,” reflecting the station’s commitment to providing a vibrant and engaging morning experience for its audience. Gabe Ramirez continued to bring his infectious energy and entertaining banter to the revamped show, ensuring that listeners start their day on a high note.


In summary, Drex’s arrival and subsequent departure marked a significant chapter in B96’s morning show history. The station’s decision to rebrand and introduce “Gabe and Nina in the Morning” brought new energy and fresh perspectives to the airwaves. As the show continued to evolve, Nina Hajian’s departure led to further changes, resulting in the renaming of the program to “B96 Mornings” with Gabe Ramirez as the host.

The radio industry is known for its dynamic nature, characterized by frequent personnel changes and programming adjustments. B96’s journey with its morning show exemplifies the industry’s constant evolution as stations strive to deliver captivating content and connect with their audience.



What was Drex’s role at B96?

Drex, also known as Kevin Buchar, was a morning personality on B96, a prominent Top 40 radio station in Chicago. He hosted the morning show, aiming to entertain and engage listeners during their morning commute.

Is Drex still on B96?

No, Drex is no longer on B96. His tenure at the station was relatively short-lived, as he departed from B96 in February 2019.

Why did Drex leave B96?

The exact reasons for Drex’s departure from B96 were not explicitly stated. However, it marked a significant change in the station’s morning lineup. The decision to part ways with Drex was likely driven by various factors, including the station’s strategic direction and the desire for programming adjustments.

Who replaced Drex on B96?

Following Drex’s exit, the morning show at B96 underwent a rebranding. Gabe Ramirez and Nina Hajian became the new hosts, leading the show as “Gabe and Nina in the Morning.” They brought their unique perspectives and personalities to the program, infusing it with fresh energy and content.

What happened to the “Gabe and Nina in the Morning” show?

The “Gabe and Nina in the Morning” show continued for a period of time after Drex’s departure. However, Nina Hajian later left the station in September 2021, resulting in further adjustments to the show’s format and content.

What is the current morning show on B96?

Following Nina Hajian’s departure, the morning show on B96 was renamed “B96 Mornings.” Gabe Ramirez remained as the sole host, delivering an entertaining and engaging morning experience for listeners.

Has B96 experienced other changes in its morning show lineup?

Yes, B96 has undergone several changes in its morning show lineup over the years. These changes reflect the dynamic nature of the radio industry, where stations often seek to adapt and evolve their programming to meet audience preferences and market demands.

How does B96’s morning show continue to evolve?

B96’s morning show, now known as “B96 Mornings,” continues to evolve by incorporating engaging content, relevant discussions, and entertaining segments. As the radio landscape changes, the station strives to provide a vibrant and captivating morning experience for its listeners.