Is the Beatles catalog available as DRM-free downloads?

The Beatles tracks, like all other music sold on iTunes, is DRM-free. 

Are any of the Beatles songs public domain?

On January 1, 2013, the Beatles’ single “Love Me Do” entered the public domain.

How much does the Beatles catalog cost?

The Beatles catalog alone has now been estimated to be worth in excess of $1 billion.

Where can I download DRM free music?

HDTracks is a DRM-free music store with thousands of files available in a variety of genres. Juno Download offers MP3, WAV and FLAC electronic music. Qobuz offers high-fidelity downloads, listening on demand, music information and exchanges.

Is the Beatles music royalty free?

Are Beatles songs’ copyrights expired? no, the songs are not old enough for the copyright to have already expired. The songs were written in the 60s and correctly renewed so that the copyright will like be valid for the usual time which is 70 years after the death of the authors.

How long until Beatles songs are public domain?

In the UK copyright expires 70 years after the death of the copyright owner, so for any songs written by McCartney, it’s still 70 years in the future. On the other hand Lennon died 1980, so copyright for his songs are until 2050.

How can I tell if a song is in the public domain?

If the publication date is before 1928, the song is in the public domain. If you cannot find the song in Wikipedia, you can also try searching the databases at and Finally, Google is also a good resource. As long as you can find solid evidence that the song was published before 1928, you are clear.

Does paul McCartney own the Beatles catalog?

Under the law, the rights to songs published before 1978 can be given back to the songwriter after 56 years. After McCartney filed a lawsuit to regain rights to the Beatles songs, Sony/ATV eventually agreed to a private settlement that gave the music rights back to him.

What happened to the Beatles catalog?

It was sound financial advice that McCartney may have come to regret giving on August 14, 1985, when Michael Jackson purchased the publishing rights to the vast majority of the Beatles’ catalog for $47 million, outbidding McCartney himself.

Did paul McCartney buy the Beatles catalog?

Paul also clarified that none of those earnings came from Beatles songs, because incredible as it may seem, he did not own them. Ironically, this free advice would come back to bite Paul in the butt two years later, when Michael purchased the entire Beatles catalogue for $47.5 million.

Who owns the copyright of the Beatles songs?


A decade after the initial deal, Jackson sold 50 percent of ATV to Sony for $95 million, creating the music publishing company Sony/ATV that today owns rights of not only Beatles songs but others from artists such as Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Hank Williams and Roy Orbison.

Is Rhapsody in Blue public domain?

Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is Copyright Free. Starting today anyone can legally remix and republish classics that include Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, W. E. B. Du Bois’s The Gift of Black Folk, and Buster Keaton’s Sherlock, Jr. Public Domain Day is here, and there’s much to celebrate.

Who owns the copyright to Beatles music?

Paul McCartney and Sony/ATV currently own the rights to the Beatles’ music. Some of The Beatles’ music was regained by Paul McCartney from Sony/ATV in 2017, thanks to the US Copyright law of 1967, which restores rights to original songwriters after 56 years.