Modern music artists which use long melodic phrases

What are long melodic phrases?

A melodic phrase is a group of notes that make sense together and express a definite melodic “idea”, but it takes more than one phrase to make a complete melody.

How do you identify melodic phrases?

How do you spot a phrase in a melody? Just as you often pause between the different sections in a sentence (for example, when you say, “wherever you go, there you are”), the melody usually pauses slightly at the end of each phrase.

What is a good phrase structure for a melody?

A melodic phrase is sung, followed immediately by a new melodic fragment. The two phrases are then repeated. Example: Verse of “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele), as well as the chorus of “We Found Love” (Rihanna).

What is the meaning of melodic phrase?

Definitions of melodic phrase. a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence. synonyms: air, line, melodic line, melody, strain, tune.

What is a long phrase in music?

Let’s review. A phrase is a musical thought that is typically four measures long and ends with a cadence that can be strong or weak. In a period of two phrases, the first phrase, called the antecedent phrase, ends with a weak cadence, and the second phrase, called the consequent phrase, ends with a strong cadence.

What is the most common phrase length in music?
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What are the three types of musical phrases?

1) Parallel – Both phrases begins with similar or identical material. 2) Contrasting -The Phrase begin with different, unrelated material. 3) Sequential – The material at the beginning of the two phrases is sequentially related. 4) Modulating -The consequent phrase begins or accomplishes a modulation.

How do you sing long phrases?

Quote from video: Long phrases are hard for a lot of singers because it's very hard for them to stay in tune. So we're going to work on that so we'll just do a couple of these to give you a chance to. Practice.