REVIEW: Dog Union – Right Between The Lines

Dog Union – Right Between The Lines

Fresh out of Mexico (apart from lead singer/guitarist Rob Thompson from South East London!), Dog Union bring us their latest offering of hard rock! This is an album that makes you sit up and listen amid much head banging and playing of air guitar!

We kick off with the excellent My Mirror which is a riff laden, bass heavy number that has a way of sticking in your head and augurs well for what you are about to receive.

Buried Again continues with the dark and dirty rock ‘n’ roll theme. There’s an extreme underlying power to this song with a superb guitar solo midway.

Track 3, Your Cage is another heavy guitar driven track with a strong vocal and pounding bass line that cannot be ignored.

I.Y.F., which I can only assume stands for In Your Face, has a brilliant driving rhythm throughout that can only be described as relentless.

Track 5 is Broken Bones was described to my Rob as a song that started life as a kind of twisted love song but evolved into a tribute to a good friend who passed away around the time they wrote it. A much slower, darker number compared with previous tracks, the lyrics on this track are seriously evocative.

Jump Inside picks up the pace somewhat and is a full-blooded rocker in every sense. The guitar work here is exceptional and drives this one right into your skull!

Track 7, Building Barriers is possibly the closest we will see Dog Union hitting the melodic rock spectrum. Some fine drumming on display here too!

Keep Myself Alive keeps the dark, moody atmosphere going that is a strong feature of this album. Bass work is outstanding here, as indeed it is throughout this collection.

Fake has so much going on it’s hard to keep up at times, but I mean that in a good way! Strap yourself in for one hell of a ride with this one!

The album closes with Decay, a song that was inspired by the events of 9/11 and the aftermath. Rob tells me that was the day he decided to propose to his (now ex) wife in New York!

To sum up, this is a fine collection of dark, hard hitting, heavy rock songs with outstanding guitar work throughout and some well crafted, thought provoking lyrics. An excellent follow up to their 2017 album Blind Dog Incident it is hoped that this new album will help these guys gain traction in the UK and Europe where they hope to tour once such things are possible again! Great production is displayed here and this splendid album deserves to be heard and heard again!

Right Between The Lines is available now on all digital platforms.