What are two types of listening?

There are two types of listening skills, one being active listening and the other being passive listening. 

What are the two main type of listening?

The two main types of listening – the foundations of all listening sub-types are: Discriminative Listening. Comprehensive Listening.

What are the two types of listening quizlet?

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  • discriminative listening. bock out other sound, focus on a specific voice or sound.
  • appreciative listening. listening to something to enjoy it.
  • comprehensive listening. listening to something to understand it.
  • critical listening. listening closely and examining what you’re listening.
  • empathetic listening.

What are the main types of listening?

4 Types of Listening

  • Deep Listening. Deep listening occurs when you’re committed to understanding the speaker’s perspective.
  • Full Listening. Full listening involves paying close and careful attention to what the speaker is conveying.
  • Critical Listening.
  • Therapeutic Listening.

What is Level 2 listening?

Level 2 listening takes the communication way ahead. The undivided attention of the listener is entirely on the speaker and on the conversation. This means not only hearing what is being said but also noticing how it is said. It involves paying attention to the tone of voice, body language and facial expressions.

Which is the 2nd process of listening?

The second stage in the listening process is the understanding stage. Understanding or comprehension occurs when both the speaker and audience share an experience of meaning, and constitutes the first step in the listening process.

What are two active listening examples?

Examples of Active Listening Techniques

Demonstrating concern. Paraphrasing to show understanding. Using nonverbal cues that show understanding such as nodding, eye contact, and leaning forward. Brief verbal affirmations like “I see,” “I know,” “Sure,” “Thank you,” or “I understand”

What is passive and active listening?

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How many types of listening are there quizlet?

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Understanding someone’s feelings. Listening to friends, hearing someone’s feelings, etc. Listening for Information. Listening to directions and listening to informative T.V programs.