Bands That Utilize 7-String Guitars in Their Music

The use of extended-range guitars, such as 7-string guitars, has become increasingly popular in various genres of music. These guitars provide musicians with a wider tonal range and allow for the exploration of new sonic possibilities. In this article, we will explore several bands that have embraced the 7-string guitar and incorporated it into their musical compositions.

Korn: Pioneers of 7-String Guitars

Korn is often credited as one of the pioneering bands in popularizing the use of 7-string guitars. Guitarists Munky and Head introduced these instruments to the mainstream with their self-titled debut album. Korn’s heavy and downtuned sound, combined with their innovative use of 7-string guitars, had a significant impact on the nu-metal genre.

Dream Theater: Pushing Boundaries with 7-String Guitars

Dream Theater, known for their progressive metal sound, have embraced the 7-string guitar as a means of pushing musical boundaries. Guitarist John Petrucci has utilized these extended-range instruments to create intricate and complex compositions. Their album “The Astonishing” features the use of 7-string guitars to enhance the depth and richness of their sound.

Periphery: Innovators of the 7-String Guitar in Modern Metal

Periphery is a progressive metal band that has been at the forefront of the djent movement, characterized by its use of heavily down-tuned guitars and complex rhythms. Guitarists Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, and Mark Holcomb have all experimented with 7-string guitars, creating a unique and modern sound that has influenced many other bands in the genre.

Deftones: Exploring the Depths with 7-String and 8-String Guitars

The Deftones, known for their eclectic and atmospheric sound, have incorporated both 7-string and 8-string guitars into their music. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s innovative approach to composition and his use of extended-range guitars have contributed to the band’s distinctive sound. Their self-titled album features notable tracks that showcase the versatility of the 7-string guitar.

Whitechapel: Unleashing Heavy Riffs with 7-String Guitars

Whitechapel is a deathcore band that has embraced the use of 7-string guitars to create a brutal and heavy sound. With guitarists Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder all utilizing these instruments, the band achieves a powerful and low-end-focused tone. Their album “This Is Exile” showcases the band’s mastery of heavy riffs and intense breakdowns.

Thy Art Is Murder: Harnessing the Power of 7-String Guitars in Deathcore

Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore band that incorporates the use of 7-string guitars to enhance their aggressive and crushing sound. Guitarists Sean Delander and Andy Marsh utilize these extended-range instruments to create dark and menacing riffs. Their album “Human Target” exemplifies the band’s ability to harness the power of 7-string guitars in the context of deathcore.

Nevermore: Remembering the Legacy of 7-String Guitars in Nevermore’s Music

Nevermore, although no longer active, left a lasting legacy in the world of metal music. Guitarist Jeff Loomis, known for his work in Arch Enemy, played a pivotal role in the band’s sound by incorporating 7-string guitars. Nevermore’s blend of thrash, progressive, and other subgenres showcased the versatility of the instrument. Their song “The River Dragon Has Come” is a prime example of the band’s use of 7-string guitars to create intricate and melodic passages.


The use of 7-string guitars has become prevalent in various genres, ranging from nu-metal and progressive metal to deathcore and djent. Bands like Korn, Dream Theater, Periphery, Deftones, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, and Nevermore have embraced the extended-range guitar and utilized it to push musical boundaries, create unique sounds, and deliver heavy, intense performances.


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Which bands are known for using 7-string guitars?

Several bands are known for their use of 7-string guitars, including Korn, Dream Theater, Periphery, Deftones, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, and Nevermore. These bands have embraced the extended-range instrument to create unique and diverse musical styles.

Why do bands choose to use 7-string guitars?

Bands choose to use 7-string guitars to expand their tonal range and explore new sonic possibilities. The additional string allows for lower notes and chords, creating a heavier and more powerful sound. It also provides guitarists with more options for composing complex and intricate music.

What genres of music commonly feature 7-string guitars?

7-string guitars are commonly featured in genres such as nu-metal, progressive metal, djent, deathcore, and other heavy and progressive subgenres. These genres often require the extended range and versatility provided by the instrument to achieve their distinct sound.

How do bands incorporate 7-string guitars into their music?

Bands incorporate 7-string guitars into their music in various ways. Some bands use the instrument to create heavy and downtuned riffs, adding depth and intensity to their sound. Others utilize the extended range for complex and intricate guitar solos. The 7-string guitar is often an integral part of the band’s overall sonic landscape.

Are there any notable songs or albums that showcase the use of 7-string guitars?

Yes, there are several notable songs and albums that showcase the use of 7-string guitars. For example, Korn’s self-titled debut album features their iconic heavy sound and downtuned riffs. Dream Theater’s album “The Astonishing” utilizes the instrument to create intricate and progressive compositions. Periphery’s self-titled debut record includes innovative and modern 7-string guitar playing.

Can 7-string guitars be used in genres other than metal?

While 7-string guitars are commonly associated with metal genres, they can also be used in other musical genres. Some jazz, fusion, and experimental musicians have incorporated 7-string guitars into their compositions to explore new harmonies and expand their creative possibilities. The instrument’s versatility allows for its use in a wide range of musical styles.

Are there any famous guitarists known for their use of 7-string guitars?

Yes, several famous guitarists are known for their use of 7-string guitars. Some notable examples include Munky and Head from Korn, John Petrucci from Dream Theater, Stephen Carpenter from Deftones, and Jeff Loomis from Nevermore. These guitarists have made significant contributions to their respective bands and genres through their innovative use of the instrument.

Are there any recent bands or artists that have embraced the 7-string guitar?

Yes, there are many recent bands and artists that have embraced the 7-string guitar. Bands such as Tesseract, Architects, and Northlane have incorporated the instrument into their modern metal sound. Artists like Plini and Intervals have explored the instrument’s capabilities in the instrumental progressive music realm. The 7-string guitar continues to inspire and influence musicians in contemporary music.