What caused the Marshall plane crash in 1970?

What was the cause of the Marshall plane crash?

In the report, the NTSB concluded, “[…] the probable cause of this accident was the descent below Minimum Descent Altitude during a nonprecision approach under adverse operating conditions, without visual contact with the runway environment“.

What happened to the plane that killed the Marshall football team?

On November 14, 1970, a chartered jet carrying most of the Marshall University football team clips a stand of trees and crashes into a hillside just two miles from the Tri-State Airport in Kenova, West Virginia, killing everyone onboard.

How much of We Are Marshall is true?

This film is based on a true and tragic story. On November 14th, 1970, the Marshall University football team, football coaches, athletic staff, key alumni, and friends were flying home to Huntington, West Virginia after an away game against East Carolina. Their plane crashed killing all seventy five (75) aboard.

How many bodies were recovered from the Marshall plane crash?

Police reported a few hours after the crash that “15 bodies had been recovered,” but the fire was so intense that they were unable to get into the plane to examine further, The News wrote that year. Because of the intensity of the crash, officials were unable to identify six of the players remains.

Why was Nate Ruffin not on the plane?

Nate Ruffin was a last-minute scratch from the Marshall football team chartered jet to the Nov. 14, 1970, game at East Carolina. Ruffin was an injured defensive back, but still anticipated making the trip.