What Channel is Crank Yankers On?

Crank Yankers is an American adult puppet television show renowned for its comedic crank calls. Created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Daniel Kellison, the show features actual prank phone calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests, re-enacted onscreen by puppets. With its unique concept and hilarious content, Crank Yankers has gained significant popularity and has become a notable fixture in the comedy genre.

Overview of Crank Yankers

Crank Yankers stands out as a television show that brings crank calls to life through puppetry. The series showcases a collection of prank phone calls that are made by the show’s cast of comedians and voice actors. These calls are then re-enacted using puppets, adding a visual element to the humorous interactions. The show’s combination of real phone calls and puppetry creates a distinctive and entertaining viewing experience.

History and Premieres

Crank Yankers first premiered on June 2, 2002, on Comedy Central. The initial run of the show lasted until March 30, 2007, during which it gained a dedicated fan base. After a hiatus, Crank Yankers returned to television on February 9, 2007, airing on MTV2 for a short period. However, it wasn’t until February 11, 2019, that Jimmy Kimmel announced the revival of the show for a fifth season on Comedy Central.

The fifth season of Crank Yankers premiered on September 25, 2019, and delighted audiences with its humorous and outrageous prank calls. The return of the show was met with enthusiasm from fans who had eagerly awaited its comeback.

Renewal and Sixth Season

Comedy Central announced the renewal of Crank Yankers for a sixth season on March 5, 2020. The announcement delighted fans, ensuring that the iconic show would continue its legacy of laughter. The sixth season premiered on May 5, 2021, marking another round of hilarious crank calls and puppetry antics.

While specific details about notable changes or developments in the show’s sixth season are not readily available, fans can expect the same level of humor and creativity that has made Crank Yankers a beloved comedy series.


Crank Yankers remains a popular and successful television show that has left an indelible mark on the comedy landscape. Its unique format, combining real prank calls with puppetry, has captivated audiences and garnered a dedicated fan base. With its enduring popularity and ongoing renewal for new seasons, Crank Yankers continues to bring laughter and entertainment to viewers. Whether you’re a fan of hilarious crank calls or appreciate the artistry of puppetry, Crank Yankers is a must-watch show that delivers comedy in a truly original way.



What channel is Crank Yankers on?

Crank Yankers airs on Comedy Central.

Who created Crank Yankers?

Crank Yankers was created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Daniel Kellison.

When did Crank Yankers first premiere?

Crank Yankers first premiered on June 2, 2002.

Is Crank Yankers still on the air?

Yes, Crank Yankers is still on the air. It has been renewed for a sixth season.

When did the fifth season of Crank Yankers premiere?

The fifth season of Crank Yankers premiered on September 25, 2019.

Where can I watch Crank Yankers?

Crank Yankers can be watched on Comedy Central.

What is the premise of Crank Yankers?

Crank Yankers features prank phone calls that are re-enacted using puppets, adding a visual element to the humorous interactions.

How long has Crank Yankers been on the air?

Crank Yankers has been on the air from 2002 to 2007 and has returned for subsequent seasons, including the sixth season.