What channel is Meet the Press on tonight?

What time is Meet the Press on NBC today?

By 2022, the show was airing in the 1 PM Eastern slot, and in May it was announced that the show would be moving from MSNBC to the free streaming platform NBC News NOW, and rechristened Meet the Press Now, starting June 6. The show also returned to an early evening slot of 4PM Eastern.

What time is Meet the Press daily on?

4 p.m. ET

Meet the Press NOW airs weekdays at 4 p.m. ET on NBC News NOW — a free service that you can access anywhere.

Is Meet the Press on Sunday July 17 2022?

Chuck Todd hosts another episode of Meet the Press Sunday, July 17 2022 on NBC.

Has NBC Cancelled Meet the Press?

Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd will move from MSNBC to the network streaming service NBC News Now. Starting on June 6, his daily show will stream as Meet the Press Now, marking the latest effort to expand the offerings on the free platform.

Is Meet the Press not on anymore?

“MTP Daily” will be replaced on MSNBC by an hour of news anchored by Chris Jansing, a 20-year veteran of the cable news channel. But the shift is likely to add to a growing perception that MSNBC’s future lies in being a talk and opinion channel.

Is Meet the Press preempted?

Because Meet the Press is preempted in the morning, there will be no show to re-air overnight.