What country was Antonio Vivaldi from?

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on 4 March 1678 in Venice, then the capital of the Republic of Venice.

Is Vivaldi Italian or French?

Antonio Vivaldi, in full Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, (born March 4, 1678, Venice, Republic of Venice [Italy]—died July 28, 1741, Vienna, Austria), Italian composer and violinist who left a decisive mark on the form of the concerto and the style of late Baroque instrumental music.

Where was Antonio Vivaldi born?

Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian Baroque composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and cleric. Born in Venice, he is recognized as one of the greatest Baroque composers, and his influence during his lifetime was widespread across Europe.

Where did Antonio Vivaldi live?

All music lovers always connect the city of Venice with the famous composer Antonio Vivaldi. The great composer of Baroque music was indeed born in Venice and lived and worked here most of his life.