What do Las Posadas do?

Las Posadas, (Spanish: “The Inns”) religious festival celebrated in Mexico and some parts of the United States between December 16 and 24. Las Posadas commemorates the journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge where Mary could give birth to the baby Jesus.

What do they do on Las Posadas?

Posadas in Mexico feature hot food and drinks, sweets, music, and piñatas. Throughout Mexico, churches and communities still celebrate these festivities with their traditional, religious elements. Today almost any party held around Christmas is called a posada.

What are 3 facts about Las Posadas?

The practice of Las Posadas was begun by Augustinian friars near Mexico City around the year 1586. They used the celebration to teach the indigenous Aztec population about the birth of Jesus by having daily Christmas masses for nine days. This also coincided with the winter solstice ceremonies of the Aztecs.

What do families do during posadas?

Originating from Spain, the posadas have been practiced in Mexico for over 400 years. Each night, a different family hosts the festivities and agrees to take in the “pilgrims” once they arrive at their doorstep. Prayers, music, and a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey are all a part of the Posada celebration.

How long does a posada last?

to Thursday, November 24, 2022

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in Northern New Mexico is Las Posadas, a nine day celebration of religious observance beginning December 16 and ending December 24. The ritual has been a tradition in Mexico for over 400 years.

What do people eat during posadas?

After the piñata comes dinner: traditional posada fare is tamales, buñuelos, atole and café de olla. The tamales are made with corn dough, softened with lard and beaten until the dough reaches ‘water stage’: a small ball of dough should float when put in a glass of water; if it sinks, it needs to be beaten more.

What happens each day during Las Posadas?

Mass is held each day after the procession and, after the service, children break open piñatas filled with candy, toys, and occasionally money. The piñatas are usually crafted in the form of a star, which is said to have guided the three wise men of Biblical tradition to the newborn Jesus.

What gifts are given on Las Posadas?

Drinks, food, and a star shaped piñata define this evening fiesta. As the night draws to an end, aguinaldos (small bags filled with treats and candies) are distributed as parting gifts to the guests to help them continue on their “journey.”

Why do Mexicans do posadas?

As part of the Christmas celebration, traditional fiestas called Mexican posadas (inns) are held for family, friends, and neighbors. A posada is the reenactment of the Census pilgrimage to Bethlehem by Mary and Joseph (los peregrinos) in search of a room.

What happens on each night of the posadas?

The procession is followed by musicians, with the entire procession singing posadas such as pedir posada. At the end of each night, Christmas carols are sung, children break open star-shaped piñatas and everyone sits for a feast. The piñatas used during the holiday are traditionally made out of clay.