What do the Hosa colors represent?

The HOSA colors are navy blue representing loyalty to the healthcare profession, medical white indicating the purity of purpose, and maroon demonstrating the compassion of HOSA members.

What are the colors of HOSA and what do they represent?

Colors of HOSA

Navy blue represents loyalty to the health care profession. Medical white represents purity of purpose. Maroon represents compassion of HOSA members.

What are Hosas colors?

Colors of HOSA

  • Navy blue represent loyalty to the health care profession.
  • Medical white represents purity of purpose.
  • Maroon represents compassion of HOSA members.

What do the components of the HOSA symbol represent?

The encircled triangle has long been the emblem of HOSA and is key in retaining familiarity and celebrating the organization’s long history. The points on the triangle represent today what they did in 1976: the three aspects of humankind’s well-being; social, physical, and mental.

What is the HOSA emblem what does it stand for?

The circle represents the continuity of health care; The triangle represents the three aspects of humankind: — well-being, social, physical and mental; and. The hands signify the caring of each HOSA member.

Why is HOSA dress code important?

HOSA Activity Night Attire

Requiring students to wear a HOSA shirt helps us identify quickly whether or not the student is a HOSA student and helps us keep non- HOSA members from attending our events. If a student does not have a HOSA shirt to wear with their jeans, they must wear the HOSA Uniform Attire.

What are the 6 categories of HOSA competitions?

With six categories of competitive events (Health Science, Health Professions, Emergency Preparedness, Leadership, Teamwork, and Recognition,) HOSA has a competitive event for everyone!

What color are HOSA cords?

Many honors societies use purple, including the Science National Honor Society, HOSA, and Kappa Delta Pi. Also, this royal shade is designated as the official color for dental and law students.

What are the 3 levels of HOSA?

HOSA has three levels of student membership, that it calls “divisions”: Middle School Division. Secondary Division. Postsecondary/Collegiate Division.

What is the official HOSA uniform for boys and girls?

Black or navy-blue suit • White, closed-neck, tailored dress shirt (maroon or navy long tie) • White blouse (can be member’s choice) o Accent: maroon HOSA scarf (optional) • Members may choose to wear knee-length skirt or slacks • Closed-toe blue or black shoes (hose optional for women) • Belt (blue or black) • Head

What are the 4 core values of HOSA?

We will be ethical, accountable and trustworthy. We will use our influence to empower others to strive for excellence. We value service. We are dedicated to serving others with compassion.

What is the 2022 HOSA theme?

2022-2023 HOSA-Future Health Professionals Theme: “Beyond All Limits!

What is considered official HOSA dress code?

Matching navy slacks or navy knee-length skirt • White, closed-neck, tailored dress shirt suitable for tie or scarf • Accents: maroon HOSA scarf or maroon or navy long tie • Closed-toe blue or black (hose optional for women) • Belt (blue or black) • Head covers that are required for religious purposes or to honor

What is HOSA motto?

Motto: “The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow

What is covered in Appendix F for HOSA?

Blue jean skirts and dresses are NOT acceptable. Dress pants are acceptable but “shorts”, “capri pants” and other short pants are not acceptable. Casual tank or tube tops, t-shirts, sweat pants/shirts, or tennis shoes are never acceptable. Business-casual attire may include khaki pants and polo tops.