What does back in the groove mean?

This idiom originally alluded to running accurately in a channel, or groove. It was taken up by jazz musicians in the 1920s and later began to be used more loosely. A variant, back in the groove, means “returning to one’s old self,” as in He was very ill but now he’s back in the groove. [

What does it mean to get back in your groove?

In the groove (or into the groove) is an informal phrase used to mean “in (or into) the groove informal performing consistently well or confidently.” It might take her a couple of races to get back into the groove. It could also mean “indulging in relaxed and spontaneous enjoyment, especially dancing.”

Where does the saying in the groove come from?

With special regard for music, originally 1920s US jazz slang, possibly with reference to the grooves of early records.

What does stuck in a groove mean?

be bored

to be bored because you are doing the same things that you have done for a long time: We never do anything exciting any more – we seem to be stuck in a groove.

How do you use get in the groove in a sentence?

To be immersed in a particular task and thus working smoothly and efficiently. Now that I’ve gotten in the groove, I think I’ll be able to finish this paper tonight—ahead of schedule! Once I get in the groove, I can clean for hours.

What does groove mean in slang?

to take great pleasure; enjoy oneself

Slang. to take great pleasure; enjoy oneself: He was grooving on the music. to get along or interact well.

How do I get my groove back in life?

These steps will help you be like Stella. Follow along:

  1. Take a Break. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away from something.
  2. Try Something Else.
  3. Focus on a Related Project.
  4. Utilize Pinterest.
  5. Read Something Inspiring.
  6. Indulge in the Content of Those Who You Look Up To.
  7. Talk to Friends.
  8. Sleep On It.

What makes a good groove?

According to the lyrics of the 1967 hit, the ingredients that make up a good groove are simple: “half a teacup of bass” and “a pound of fat-back drums.” Just about anyone with a heartbeat will have feet tapping by then. Shortly after, the drums really kick in, and Curtis’s saxophone takes off.

What is the origin meaning of the idiom?

Idiom comes from the Greek idios, which means personal.

When was the word groovy?

groovy (adj.)
1941; popularized 1960s, out of currency by 1980. Earlier colloquial figurative sense was “having a tendency to routine, inclined to a specialized and narrow way of life or thought” (1882). Related: Grooviness.

How do I get my groove back after 50?

13 Ways To Get Your Groove Back

  1. Visit your doctor.
  2. Try hormonal therapy.
  3. Quit smoking.
  4. Try herbal supplements.
  5. Try lubricants.
  6. Do your kegels.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Dine on aphrodisiacs.

Does groove mean depression?

a narrow, linear hollow or depression.

How do I get my groove back after vacation?

Getting Back Into The Work Groove After Vacation

  1. Re-establish your routine right away.
  2. As soon as you get into work, create a to-do list.
  3. Clean up your e-mail.
  4. Create an action plan.
  5. Crank up the tunes!
  6. Remind yourself that it’s okay to leave things for tomorrow.
  7. Limit your week night plans.
  8. Go to bed early.