What does listen linda come from?

Mateo Beltran just wants Linda – his mom – to listen. The resulting video has netted him a college fund website. In the space of just a month, a 3-year-old from San Jose, Calif. by the name of Mateo Beltran has become known as the “Linda, listen” — or, if you prefer, “listen, Linda” — kid.

How old is the kid who said listen linda?


“Listen, listen, listen Linda! Honey!” Three-year-old Mateo is getting that cupcake. You might remember video of the little guy’s discussion with his mom, Linda, over whether he could or could not have cupcakes for dinner.

How old is Mateo from listen linda video?

23-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for a Speeding Ticket: Linda, honey, just listen.

How old are the Linda Lindas?

Band members

Name Stage name Birth date (age)
Bela Salazar Linda Linda No. 1 September 16, 2004
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How old was Linda when she had her first child?

Linda had became a teenage mother at age 17 and spent her entire pregnancy in denial.

What is the listen linda kids name?

Listen Linda video goes viral in 2014

The original, and adorable video starring a 3-year-old Matteo Beltran was posted in 2014 under the title “My 3 year old must argue and debate everything”. The hilarious conversation between mother and son has amassed nearly 30 million views on Youtube.

How old is the Linda boy?

Quote from video: Accident Kills 3 Year Old Linda Boy – YouTube.