What does Max do in Freak the Mighty?

What is Max’s role in Freak the Mighty?

Maxwell “Max” Kane is the main character and narrator of the story. He is described to be very big and have a striking resemblance to his father, Kenneth (Killer) Kane. In daycare, Max earned the nickname “Kicker” because he had a thing of booting and kicking anyone who dared to touch him, when he was a child.

What does Max do to help Kevin?

” As Max is watching while Kevin is moving in, he sees Kevin attacking a tree with his crutch. Max then does something out of the ordinary for him and approaches Kevin, at that time a stranger to him, and helps him retrieve his ornithopter (mechanical bird) from a tree.

What happens to Max in Max the Mighty?

However, Max cannot bear to leave the Undertaker behind, even after everything he’s done, so he lifts up the beam to free the Undertaker. The Undertaker gets out of the mine in time, but Max couldn’t. Fortunately, emergency services manage to rescue Max, who winds up with a broken shoulder and a broken leg as a result.

What does grim want Max to do?

After Kenny is released on parole, kidnaps Max, and is sent back to prison, Grim encourages Max to tell his story in the hope that it will be cathartic for Max (as well as put Kenny behind bars for good).

How did Freak change Max’s life?

Freak contributed to Max feeling better about himself because Freak has helped Max have more self confidence in himself. He has stood up to blade and told Max he’s really not that tough.

Who killed Max’s mom in Freak the Mighty?


When Max was four, Kenny killed Max’s mother. Max tried to stop his father, but his dad, who is both massive and cruel, put him in a closet.

What secret does Freak tell Max?

Freak tells Max they do medical experiments in there. In fact, there’s an experimental bionics unit that’s developing a bionic robot for human modification. Max has no clue what this means. Freak explains that he’s going to be the first bionically improved human being.

How has Max helped Freak?

Both in school and out, Max helps Freak with mobility by carrying Freak on his shoulders.

Is Max the informant?

Max Parish was a main character on In the Dark. Max is a Food Truck owner who cleans money for Darnell’s illegal drug operations; unbeknownst to Darnell, he was a police informant. He was engaged to Murphy Mason before his death in S4 E12.

What are Max’s character traits?

Max Mayfield’s Best Traits

  • Max Is Observant.
  • Max Holds A Lot Of Empathy.
  • Max Is Assertive.
  • Max Has A Lot Of Courage.
  • Max Is Compassionate.
  • Max Holds Genuine Curiosity.
  • Max Is Daring.
  • Max Is Argumentative.