What does O say can you see mean?

What is oh say can you see?

“O Say Can You See”, the incipit of the national anthem of the United States, “The Star-Spangled Banner” “Oh Say Can You See”, a song from the 2010 album Lana Del Ray by Lana Del Rey.

What does o say mean?

O, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave? It’s the equivalent of “Tell me, does that … etc.”

What does o’er mean in The Star-Spangled Banner?


ramparts: the embankments that were part of the fort’s defense. gallantly: in a heroic or brave manner. streaming: this describes the flag waving in the wind. O’er (over): above.

What does it mean by the dawn’s early light?

Key uses “hailed” to mean, “saw or took note of.” The “twilight’s last gleaming” is the very last bit of light before night falls, and “dawn’s early light” is the first sunlight the next morning.

What does the national anthem symbolize?

A national anthem is a patriotic musical composition symbolizing and evoking eulogies of the history and traditions of a country or nation.

What does short o say?

The phonics short o sound is the vowel sound in “hop,” “top,” “mop,” “tot,” “pot,” and “lot.” Other o sounds are the long o, as in “mode” or “toad,” and the double o, as in “mood.” All these different sounds that one letter can make can be confusing for a new reader!

Why do Japanese people say O?

Purpose of adding ‘o’ in front of words in Japanese? Usually, adding the お creates either a honorable, polite, or comical effect.

What does ô sound like?

Pronouncing the closed “ô” sound in Portuguese
The IPA for this sound is /o/. It’s a close, back vowel with rounded lips.

Was Francis Scott Key a lawyer?

Francis Scott Key, (born August 1, 1779, Frederick county, Maryland, U.S.—died January 11, 1843, Baltimore), American lawyer, best known as the author of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”