What does Ow bist mean?

How are you?How are you? Wench – Girl, woman (as in “owd wench”).

What do you call someone from Shropshire?

Salop is an old name for Shropshire, historically used as an abbreviated form for post or telegrams, it is thought to derive from the Anglo-French “Salopesberia”. It is normally replaced by the more contemporary “Shrops” although Shropshire residents are still referred to as “Salopians”.

What is the Shrewsbury accent?

The Shropshire accent is actually somewhere between Wales, Birmingham, Liverpool and West Country, with a touch of RP depending on where you live. The most common description is, ‘Oh you sound posher than I expected. And a bit like a farmer’.

Is there a Shropshire accent?

Therefore, in the centre of the UK, Shropshire has influences pulling it in many different directions. If there is a Shropshire accent, it’s a tendency to lose consonants and elongate/swap vowels: “Inna” for isn’t, “canna” for can’t, “dunna” for don’t, “munna” for mustn’t and “wanna” for want.

What’s Shropshire famous for?

Shropshire is famous as the birthplace of industry, but it’s given the world much more than this. Sweet peas to skyscrapers, here’s our list of ten facts about the county. Lord Hill’s column, outside Shropshire County Council’s headquarters at Shire Hall, Shrewsbury, is the tallest of its kind in the world.

Is Shropshire a safe place to live?

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What Shropshire like?

Big in size and charm, but small in numbers, Shropshire is a hilly and rural county on the border with Wales. The settlements are old, often ancient, and always well cared-for.

Why is it called Shropshire?

Etymology. The origin of the name “Shropshire” is the Old English “Scrobbesbyrigscīr” (literally Shrewsburyshire), perhaps taking its name from Richard Scrob (or FitzScrob or Scrope), the builder of Richard’s Castle near what is now the town of Ludlow.

Why is Shrewsbury called Shrewsbury?

This name gradually evolved in three directions, into Sciropscire, which became Shropshire; into Sloppesberie, which became Salop / Salopia (an alternative name for both town and county), and into Schrosberie, which eventually became the town’s name, Shrewsbury. Its later Welsh name Amwythig means “fortified place”.