What does sparking joy feel like?

How do I know if it sparks joy?

Experience how you feel about the item. If you feel positive and uplifted by the item, it sparks joy.

Joy or No Joy?

  1. Do I like this?
  2. Does it benefit me?
  3. Does this make me better?
  4. Do I emotionally value this?
  5. If this item was destroyed, would I be relieved or sad?

What does it mean when something sparks joy?

In fact if to read Marie entire book you will find that “spark joy” means things which are important for us and which we use often. This is about things which make us feel comfortable, confident etc. And the true is that really not so many things makes us feel this way and usually we use the same things all the time.

What sparks joy in your life?

Go for a run and get those endorphins going. Take note of something you’ve wanted to start or try and look up a class to do it (do it now!). Read a book under a cosy blanket on the couch (or even better,in bed).