What does the idiom jump to conclusions mean?

What is the literal meaning of jump to conclusions?

If you jump to conclusions, you decide something is true, or make a judgement about something, before having enough information to be sure you’re right.

What are some examples of jumping to conclusions?

For example, a person jumping to conclusions might assume that someone they just met is angry at them, simply because that person wasn’t smiling at them while they talked, even though there are many alternative explanations for that behavior.

What is another way to say jump to conclusions?

What is another word for jump to conclusions?

anticipate presume
posit prejudge
forejudge prejudicate
judge prematurely make a hasty assessment about
decide jump to conclusions about

What does the phrase from the jump mean?

from the beginning

from the beginning; from when someone starts to do something or a process starts: He knew they hated him from the jump. It’s clear from the jump that something suspicious is going on.

Is jumping to conclusions toxic?

Jumping to conclusions makes it difficult to see situations clearly and increases the risk of making poor decisions. This can negatively affect your relationships, hurt your confidence, and reduce motivation.

What is the opposite of jumping to conclusions?

abstain. disbelieve. ignore. misunderstand.

Do not jump to conclusions quote?

Don’t jump to conclusions. Things aren’t always what they seem. Our conclusions may be logical but they may not be true. By refraining from making the wrong assumptions, we can avoid unnecessary pain & conflict.

What is another word for jump into?

What is another word for jump into?

launch begin
usher in bring out
enter into enter upon
fall to get off
get under way lead off